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AgTech Funding Round

Treetoscope Secures $7M in Funding For Precision Irrigation

Key Takeaways

  • Treetoscope completes a $7 million SEED funding round led by Champel Capital.
  • The start-up offers the world’s first plant-based SaaS platform for optimizing irrigation.
  • Treetoscope’s technology can save farmers approximately 30% in irrigation costs.
  • The platform uses AI to process data and allows farmers to control irrigation through a dedicated app.
  • Treetoscope has formed significant global commercial partnerships with The Toro Company and Netafim.

Treetoscope, an Israel-based start-up specializing in precision irrigation management, has secured $7 million in its latest SEED funding round. The funding was led by Champel Capital and other strategic investors such as Leon Recanati’s GlenRock fund, SeedIL, and YYM-Ventures. The new capital aims to accelerate the company’s research and mission to provide sustainable water usage tools.

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Addressing the Global Water Crisis

According to the OECD, agriculture accounts for 70% of freshwater withdrawals globally. With rising water prices, farmers operating on narrow profit margins are under increasing strain. Treetoscope’s CEO, Dotan Eshet, emphasized that their technology could save farmers around 30% in irrigation expenses and increase the weighted profit for farmers in Europe and the US by approximately $32 billion per year.

Innovative Technology

Treetoscope offers an easy-to-use kit with DIY installation instructions for its innovative sensor system. The platform employs AI to process data, including insights into water flow within plant stems and stress levels. Farmers can precisely control irrigation through a dedicated app, ensuring optimal water usage for crop growth.

What This Means for Farmers

  1. Cost Savings: The technology can significantly reduce irrigation expenses.
  2. Increased Yields: Accurate water measurement allows for optimized crop growth.
  3. Sustainability: The platform promotes eco-friendly farming practices.
  4. Global Impact: The technology aims to mitigate climate change, exacerbating global water crises.

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Global Partnerships

Treetoscope has formed commercial collaborations worldwide, yielding exceptional ROI and converting many farmers into paying customers. Some notable partnerships include:

  • North America: A partnership with The Toro Company has led to booming sales launches in the USA and Mexico.
  • Global: Netafim has validated Treetoscope technology, paving the way for a global commercialization partnership.
  • Spain and Portugal: The company is expanding within the fruit tree market, securing customers ranging from almonds and pistachios to wine grapes.
  • Italy: Trials are being conducted in partnership with Zespri, the largest Kiwi grower worldwide.
  • France: Collaboration with INRAE focuses on measuring the effect on citrus trees by reducing irrigation.

Image provided by Treetoscope 

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