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Trillium Ag Appoints Neal Gutterson To Board Of Directors

Neal Gutterson Trillium Ag

Trillium Ag’s announcement of Neal Gutterson’s appointment to the Board of Directors is a significant step in the company’s effort to revolutionize sustainable bio-agriculture. With Gutterson’s extensive experience developing sustainability-driven innovation, Trillium Ag will benefit from his knowledge and insight as they work on marketing their Agrisome crop protection platform. This move highlights the company’s commitment to finding solutions to the challenges faced by the agricultural industry and further solidifies Trillium Ag’s position as a leader in the field.

As Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Radicle Growth, Gutterson has a reputation as an innovator and visionary in agricultural biotechnology. His retirement from Corteva Agriscience, where he served as Chief Technology Officer, has allowed him to continue to pursue his passion for sustainability-driven innovation through his work at Radicle Growth. Gutterson’s experience and expertise make him an ideal addition to the Trillium Ag Board of Directors. His presence will undoubtedly help the company make great strides in developing and commercializing Agrisome and other bio-agricultural products.

Trillium Ag’s Agrisome crop protection platform has the potential to transform the agricultural industry, and the company’s collaboration with commercial and academic leaders is a testament to their commitment to bringing this innovation to market. The Agrisome platform utilizes naturally-derived protein-coated RNA molecules to create a new class of biologicals that effectively address the challenges faced by prior RNAi-derived crop protection attempts. With proven efficacy in both in vitro and in vivo models, Trillium Ag is well on their way to bringing this technology to a commercial scale. Additionally, the company’s pipeline of bio-agricultural products currently in development indicates its long-term commitment to finding sustainable solutions to the agricultural industry’s challenges.

Photo by Rafay Ansari on Unsplash 


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