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Unfold Partners With Goodleaf To Enhance Leafy Greens

AgTech company Unfold & Goodleaf partner

Unfold and GoodLeaf Farms have partnered strategically to commercialize premium lines of vertically-farmed spinach and other leafy greens. The CEOs of both companies will discuss the cooperation at the 10th Annual Indoor Ag-Con in Las Vegas, where they will share their vision for sustainable, high-quality produce.

GoodLeaf Farms, Canada’s largest commercial vertical farm, is expanding nationwide with new facilities in Montreal and Calgary. These two farms are set to produce over four million pounds of leafy greens annually, making them significant players in the industry. Unfold CEO Sonia Lo expressed her excitement about partnering with GoodLeaf to unlock the potential for improved quality and yield in their indoor growing operations. As a former vertical farm operator, she understands the significance of seeds developed explicitly for indoor growing. GoodLeaf, the largest upright grower in Canada, has already shown its capability to successfully grow leafy greens in large-scale, fully commercialized vertical farms. Through their partnership, they will accelerate the product evolution of GoodLeaf by utilizing seeds developed and optimized for their specific environment.


The partnership with Unfold will accelerate the development of even more productive, premium-quality leafy greens. Unfold’s Innovation Partner Program provides vertical farm leaders with unique access to Unfold’s leading plant biology expertise, digital tools, and germplasm. The partnership will allow GoodLeaf to develop varieties of leafy greens that require less time and energy to produce while enhancing traits valued by consumers, like crunch, color, and taste.

“Now that we have a solid foundation in place for our operations, it’s the perfect time to partner with Unfold,” said GoodLeaf President and CEO Barry Murchie. “Having the right seeds to ensure our success is crucial as we grow our operations throughout Canada and help the country lessen its dependence on imported produce. Unfold will help us make that goal possible.”

Both Unfold and GoodLeaf Farms are committed to sustainability, and this partnership reflects their shared values. The companies aim to develop varieties of leafy greens that are more sustainable and require fewer resources to produce. The new types will help to boost GoodLeaf’s produce output while lowering its production costs, allowing the company to increase the accessibility of fresh vegetables closer to consumers’ homes as they continue to expand across Canada.

Photo by Gil Ndjouwou on Unsplash 


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