urban-gro Partners With TFFJ To Promote Sustainable Education

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Announces the grand opening of a farm located at Bruce Randolph High School in Denver, CO in conjunction with Earth Day.


LAFAYETTE, Colo., April 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — urban-gro, Inc. (Nasdaq: UGRO) (“urban-gro” or the “Company”), a fully integrated architectural, engineering, construction management, and cultivation systems integration company focused on the indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (“CEA”) market, today announced the grand opening of an indoor farm at Bruce Randolph High School in Denver, CO in partnership with Teens for Food Justice (TFFJ), a New York City based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization galvanizing a youth-led food justice movement in underrepresented communities.

TFFJ is catalyzing a youth-led movement to end food insecurity through high-capacity, school-based vertical farming by training youth, ages 12 to 18, to build and maintain indoor vertical farms that serve as local sources for fresh food and centers for nutrition and health education in their schools and communities. The hydroponic farm at Bruce Randolph High School in Denver is its first in Colorado.


Bradley Nattrass, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of urban-gro, commented, “We are both humbled and thrilled to be teaming-up with Teens for Food Justice to help bring healthy food and education resources to local communities. As a leader serving the global indoor CEA market, this partnership gives our team the opportunity to share our unparalleled industry knowledge with the next generation of innovators for the direct benefit of their community while enhancing education around sustainable growing practices.”


Katherine Soll, CEO and Co-founder of TFFJ, added, “TFFJ is extremely grateful that urban-gro has chosen to so generously support the construction of the Bruce Randolph Farm and the launch of our first national location in Denver. It is truly exciting to partner with urban-gro and leverage their expertise and leadership within the commercial indoor agriculture sector as we combine forces to build healthy food access where it is needed most, while also activating a new generation of leaders to drive innovative, sustainable food systems in Denver.”


About urban-gro, Inc. urban-gro, Inc.® (Nasdaq: UGRO) is a fully integrated architectural, engineering, construction management, and cultivation systems integration company for indoor commercial cannabis and food-focused CEA facilities. With experience in hundreds of CEA facilities spanning millions of square feet across the globe, we design, engineer and integrate complex environmental equipment systems into high-performance facilities. urban-gro’s gro-care® Managed Services Platform leverages the company’s expertise to reduce downtime, provide continuity, and drive facility optimization. Operating as a crop-agnostic solutions provider in both food and cannabis CEA sectors, our crop-focused end-to-end approach provides a single point of accountability across all aspects of growing operations. Visit to discover how we help cultivators gro plants and gro profits.


About Teens for Food Justice (TFFJ) TFFJ is striving to eradicate food insecurity, in the span of one generation, through youth-led, community-based solutions that can end the staggering cycle of diet-related disease and health complications impacting low-income communities of color. TFFJ converts unused space in Title I middle and high schools into large-scale hydroponic farms where students engage in STEM learning, health and food advocacy, and local food production of up to 12,000 pounds of produce annually per site. The farm is used as a lab to teach a variety of standards-based STEM skills and classes and to introduce students to agriculture jobs and careers. Afterschool programs teach nutrition and the history of food inequities, and train students to become advocates for food justice within their communities. For more information, please visit


About Bruce Randolph School Bruce Randolph School serves students in the sixth through twelfth grades in Denver, Colorado. Bruce Randolph is shattering the status-quo by believing all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background can achieve the highest levels. We create a learning environment of high expectations and intense support and intervention, where college and postsecondary pathways are explored and realized. We believe our students and families deserve the best education possible and, we’re setting a new standard for student achievement in public education.


Investor Contacts: Dan Droller – urban-gro, Inc. EVP Corporate Development & Investor Relations -or- Jeff Sonnek – ICR, Inc. (720) 730-8160


Media Contact: Mark Sinclair – MATTIO Communications (650) 269-9530


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