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Vertical Future and MODI FRESH Partner To Expand In India

Vertical Future and MODI FRESH Partner To Expand In India

London-based vertical farming technology and data company Vertical Future has joined forces with India’s retail brand MODI FRESH, a subsidiary of the Modi Group. This partnership aims to establish a joint venture to develop, construct, own, and operate large-scale advanced vertical farming production facilities throughout India.

The focus of the collaboration will be near crucial population centers across India, providing technology and production support to local growers. In addition, this partnership will enable significant scientific research and knowledge exchange centered on growing indigenous ‘staple’ crops using Vertical Future’s systems.

Although rich in agricultural resources, India presents significant challenges and opportunities for vertical farming and the broader controlled-environment-agriculture (CEA) sectors. Despite a wide array of hydroponic growers nationwide, issues such as insufficient electricity infrastructure, extremely low pricing, and an immature capital market for infrastructure deployment in CEA have hindered the progress of high-tech vertical farming. But this is about to change.

Vertical Future has been building its presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region over the past year. This partnership with MODI FRESH marks an expansion into a market that faces similar food and water security challenges, primarily linked to climate change. Given India’s vast size, population distribution, and diverse climates, vertical farming solutions and crop science will be crucial for supporting and stabilizing the rapidly growing region’s future food and water security.

MODI FRESH will develop its consumer-facing brand and use its market experience to provide access to local contractors/vendors and secure regulatory approval. As a part of the renowned Modi Group, one of India’s leading industrial conglomerates, MODI FRESH is well-positioned to facilitate this growth.

Vertical Future, known for its sustainable and scalable approach, complements traditional and greenhouse farming solutions. Their proprietary advanced vertical farming hardware and software systems facilitate the creation of various growing algorithms tailored to various crops. These innovations enable increased productivity, maximized quality and output, waste reduction, and a significant decrease in water and energy inputs per KG of produce grown.

Vertical Future’s features can bring about transformative change in a country like India. The proposition for Indian growers and customers is clear: adopting Vertical Future technologies and crop science expertise means healthier, higher-quality products, reducing waste, and enhanced sustainability.

Jamie Burrows, co-founder, and CEO of Vertical Future, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “Working with the Modi Group, we are excited to bring our vision for the future of agriculture to one of the world’s leading farming nations,” he said.

A spokesperson from the Modi Group mirrored this sentiment, highlighting Vertical Future’s leadership role in global vertical farming and its potential to help MODI FRESH reach its sustainability goals more efficiently.


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