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Agriculture in India: A Comprehensive Outlook

Agriculture in India: A Comprehensive Outlook. AgTech; AgriTech

As India navigates the complexities of rapid economic growth and social change, agriculture remains a cornerstone of its economy and a lifeline for millions. Contributing 20% of the nation’s income, agriculture is not just a traditional sector but a dynamic field ripe for innovation and investment. A recent McKinsey report projects that by 2030, agriculture could contribute a staggering $600 billion to India’s GDP, a 50% increase from its 2020 levels.

But what drives this optimistic outlook? This article delves into the multi-faceted landscape of Indian agriculture, examining the investment trends, government initiatives, and burgeoning partnerships shaping its future. We also take a critical look at the challenges that could potentially hinder this growth, from infrastructural gaps to regulatory hurdles.

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