Vivici B.V. is spearheading a protein revolution with precision fermentation, crafting sustainable dairy proteins.
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Vivici B.V.: Cultivating the Future of Sustainable Dairy Proteins

Vivici B.V. has recently concluded its seed funding round with resounding success. With a mission to meet the world’s escalating demand for sustainable, nutritious, and delicious proteins, Vivici is set to revolutionize the food industry by introducing animal-free dairy proteins produced through precision fermentation.

Vivici’s journey has been propelled by the strategic support of its founding investors, DSM-Firmenich Venturing and Fonterra. These industry giants bring their expertise and resources to the table, providing Vivici with a strong and credible foundation to bring its innovative dairy protein products to the market.

The global demand for protein will nearly double by the year 2050. However, the current methods of protein production are not environmentally sustainable nor scalable enough to meet this impending surge in demand. Traditional agricultural practices are burdened by issues such as land scarcity, water depletion, and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, it has become imperative to explore alternative sources of protein that complement existing agricultural practices and offer a sustainable solution to feeding the world’s population.

Vivici stands at the forefront of this protein revolution. With a wealth of experience in developing and scaling bioprocesses, the company is uniquely positioned to harness the power of precision fermentation to isolate and apply dairy proteins. Through this innovative approach, Vivici aims to provide protein that not only caters to nutritional needs but also aligns with sustainability goals.

Precision fermentation is the cornerstone of Vivici’s approach. This cutting-edge technology involves the use of microorganisms to produce proteins, mimicking natural processes while bypassing the traditional challenges associated with livestock farming. By harnessing the power of fermentation, Vivici can create dairy proteins that offer functional benefits across a wide range of applications, from food to pharmaceuticals.

Central to Vivici’s mission is the creation of proteins that not only satisfy nutritional requirements but also tantalize the taste buds. Vivici’s team of application experts is dedicated to delivering products that are not just sustainable but also great-tasting. This focus on palatability and nutritional value ensures that consumers can embrace sustainable dietary choices without compromising flavor.

The partnership between Vivici, DSM-Firmenich Venturing, and Fonterra epitomizes the synergy between precision fermentation expertise and dairy science and technology. Fonterra’s Chief Innovation & Brand Officer, Komal Mistry-Mehta, emphasizes that this collaboration aligns perfectly with Fonterra’s commitment to pioneering dairy innovation and science.

Pieter Wolters, Managing Director of DSM-Firmenich Venturing, applauds Vivici’s foundation for success. The collaboration between these industry leaders is based on years of shared technology and application development, positioning Vivici as a dynamic startup poised for exponential growth.

Based in the Netherlands, Vivici benefits from its strategic location at the Biotech Campus Delft and its dairy protein application lab at NIZO food research in the Food Valley. This geographical advantage provides Vivici access to a rich ecosystem of fundamental knowledge, scale-up facilities, and a skilled talent pool. Additionally, the Netherlands offers an investment-friendly climate that further nurtures the growth of innovative startups.

Stephan van Sint Fiet, CEO of Vivici, echoes his enthusiasm for the journey ahead. Collaborating with a team of experienced professionals who understand the entire process of development, manufacturing, registration, and commercialization of ingredients, van Sint Fiet is confident that Vivici will become a trailblazer in precision fermentation. By leveraging its expertise, resources, and strategic partnerships, Vivici aspires to contribute significantly to creating a food system that is sustainable, resilient, and future-proof.

Image provided by Vivici B.V

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