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WayBeyond’s Leap into Sustainable Crop Management

WayBeyond has introduced an industry-first digital agronomy curriculum tailored for protected cropping growers.
Key Takeaways
  • Pioneering Step Forward: WayBeyond has launched the industry’s first digital agronomy curriculum for protected cropping growers.
  • Greenhouse Advantages: Protected cultivation offers consistent, high-yield produce with reduced resource consumption and environmental impact.
  • Digital Agronomy’s Power: This advanced form of crop management helps growers predict yields, manage pests and diseases, and optimize overall farm operations.
  • Partnership in Education: WayBeyond’s Agronomy 4.0 course is now included in the Protected Agriculture Engineering degree at Ceickor Centro University, Mexico.
  • Global Impact: As the need for increased food production grows, digital agronomy combined with protected cropping is set to redefine global food production standards.
WayBeyond’s Leap into the Future

The agricultural sector is witnessing an evolutionary leap with the inception of digital agronomy, especially when married to protected cropping methods. WayBeyond, at the forefront of this transformation, has recently rolled out an innovative curriculum catering exclusively to protected cropping growers.

Greenhouses’ beauty lies in their ability to produce an unwavering supply of higher yields throughout the year, using fewer resources and leaving a minimal carbon footprint. This sustainable approach aligns perfectly with the capabilities offered by digital agronomy. By embracing this cutting-edge method, growers gain a predictive edge in yield forecasting, an efficient approach to pest and disease management, and improved crop decision-making.

WayBeyond’s Agronomy 4.0 course, which emphasizes the importance of digital agronomy in the agricultural realm, has been integrated into Ceickor Centro University’s Protected Agriculture Engineering program in Mexico. This partnership is paving the way for the next generation of agricultural professionals, providing them with knowledge on digital agronomy’s landscape, data collection fundamentals, and the practical application of AI and ML in agricultural technology.

Mexico, the world’s third-largest fresh produce producer, is no stranger to agricultural advancements. Its collaboration with WayBeyond is a testament to its commitment to spearheading an agricultural revolution. Felix Tarrats, the CEO of CEICKOR Centro Universitario, accentuates this vision, emphasizing the institution’s dedication to ensuring its students are equipped to tackle future agricultural challenges.

Following the pilot program’s success, the Agronomy 4.0 course is set to be a core component of CEICKOR’s Protected Agriculture Engineering degree.

A Glimpse into WayBeyond

Beyond the traditional confines of agriculture, WayBeyond aims for a brighter, more sustainable future with its digital agronomy solutions. Their integrated solution, FarmRoad, synergizes data, AI, and plant science, enabling growers to have a lucid understanding of their growing environment and plant health. This clarity allows them to tackle daily challenges with unwavering certainty, refining their growing practices.

Aligning itself with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, WayBeyond fosters a B2B model and champions the cause of the upcoming generation of growers through its community education initiatives.

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