YASAI has achieved a significant milestone by expanding its high-quality herb products to 390 Coop stores across Switzerland. Indoor Farming; Controlled Environment Agriculture; AgTech; AgriTech; Vertical Farming
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YASAI’s Landmark Success

There’s no greater joy for a startup than scaling from an idea to a sustainable enterprise. For YASAI, this journey has been nothing short of exceptional, and the company has recently hit an extraordinary milestone—expanding its distribution to 390 Coop stores across Switzerland.

Since its inception three years ago, YASAI has navigated the choppy waters of entrepreneurship with finesse. The ride has been likened to a rollercoaster, with the challenges and uncertainties typical of the startup landscape. Yet, the YASAI team has overcome these hurdles through sheer perseverance, creativity, and hard work.

YASAI’s unique assembly of dedicated individuals is driven by the mission to deliver consumers high-quality herbs, taste, and excitement. Each member has contributed significantly to the company’s success, proving that incredible things happen when talented people come together with a shared vision. 

This journey was only possible with robust partnerships and a loyal customer base. From the beginning, Coop saw the potential in YASAI and decided to invest in its vision. It’s a collaborative endeavor that has finally borne fruit, allowing YASAI products to be featured prominently in hundreds of Coop stores. Customer loyalty has been a cornerstone of YASAI’s success. The company has built a following that continues to grow through word-of-mouth, online reviews, and consistent quality. Customers have been with YASAI every step of the way, providing the essential support and feedback that has fueled the company’s progress.

With its products now available in 390 Coop stores, YASAI has successfully transitioned from being a startup to a notable player in the industry. But the journey continues. The company is more committed than ever to refining its offerings and scaling its operations. As YASAI looks to the future, one thing is clear: the aim is to maintain the status quo and set new standards in quality, taste, and consumer experience. 

Scaling a startup is a monumental task that requires a cohesive team, strong partnerships, and unwavering customer support. YASAI has successfully harnessed all these elements to reach an incredible milestone. As the company products now sit proudly on the shelves of 390 Coop stores, YASAI would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of this remarkable journey. 

Image provided by YASAI

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