YASAI AG Bolsters Board With Industry Leaders for Growth

AgTech company, YASAI AG Adds New Board Member

YASAI AG, a vertical farming company in Switzerland, has recently added two individuals to its Board of Directors. Lorenz Wyss, the CEO of the Bell Food Group, and Theo Stolze, a former shareholder of the Stolze Group, have joined the company as it looks to further its growth targets.

Lorenz Wyss has been the CEO of the Bell Food Group since 2011. The company has over 12,000 employees and is known for producing a wide range of convenience products and plant-based meat alternatives. The Eisberg food company, a part of the Bell Food Group, already operates as YASAI’s national distribution partner. In addition, the Bell Food Group has invested an undisclosed stake in YASAI’s convertible loan round in accelerating scaling.

Theo Stolze brings knowledge of novel farming technologies to the Board. He has been the export director of the Stolze Group for over 30 years, leading the Dutch company to international success. The Stolze Group specializes in custom-made, technical solutions for greenhouse systems and has been in business for over 50 years. Stolze now supports the scaling of YASAI as an investor and new board member.

YASAI was established three years ago and has become a leading vertical farming company in Switzerland. The company plans to construct two additional industrial farms, and another farm integrated into a residential area to scale production and increase its production capacity by tenfold in the coming years. This strategy is in response to the growing demand and to expand its product portfolio with its trade partners.

Image provided by YASAI AG

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