Zero Cow Factory Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding

Zero Cow Factory

The Surat-based biotechnology business Zero Cow Factory has secured $4 million (INR 32 crore) in a seed round to finance the manufacturing of dairy and protein products without using animals. Instead, the firm uses precision fermentation and bioengineering microorganisms to produce its goods. Its main area of interest is the synthesis of animal-free casein, which it describes as the most complicated protein no firm has yet globally commercialized. With this protein, which will be utilized to create various sustainable food and dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and supplement powder, the firm seeks to be the first to achieve worldwide regulatory clearance.

Thanks to its unique method, the business can create dairy proteins like casein and whey without using any animals. With no lactose, growth hormones, cholesterol, or saturated fat, its “Smart Protein”—an animal-free substitute for cow’s milk protein—is a healthy option. In addition, it is produced using a more eco-friendly method and has more excellent efficiency standards than traditional dairy farming.

Zero Cow Factory will be able to expand its production capabilities, speed up its research and development activities, and get the regulatory clearances needed to launch. The business has previously produced animal-free casein in a tiny bioreactor as proof of concept at the lab size. With the help of this investment round, it would quicken the process of constructing its Gujarat pilot plant so that it is prepared for mass production.

Zero Cow Factory’s animal-free products have attracted the attention of multiple Fortune 500 companies across the CPG, dairy, and nutraceutical sectors. As a result, the companies have shown keen interest in partnering with Zero Cow Factory to formulate various products using its milk proteins as ingredients while replacing milk in their supply chain.

According to Sohil Kapadia, co-founder, and CEO of Zero Cow Factory, “We are pleased to collaborate with our investors’ great setup and combine them with our skilled team, which positions us uniquely to lead the way in developing a global dairy 3.0 that is animal-free, sustainable, and scalable.”

This funding round was led by VC firms 3Lines Venture Capital and 9Unicorns. Zero Cow Factory has previously raised an undisclosed pre-seed round from global FoodTech investors Artesian VC and Brinc. The company hopes to contribute to the development of sustainable food production and address the environmental concerns associated with traditional dairy farming.

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