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Precision Spraying System to Be Commercialized by AGCO & Bosch BASF

AGCO & BASF Spraying system

AGCO Corporation has announced its partnership with Bosch BASF Smart Farming to integrate and commercialize Smart Spraying technology on Fendt Rogator sprayers and jointly develop additional new features. In May 2021, AGCO and Bosch BASF Smart Farming initiated the first trials of Bosch BASF Smart Farming’s innovative Smart Spraying Solution. The solution delivers optimal herbicide savings while enabling targeted spraying during the day and night-time conditions without compromising weed control. Moreover, the system will offer an end-to-end user experience through AGCO on-board and off-board controls and Bosch BASF Smart Farming’s integrated digital platform from xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions, providing insights into the data gathered during the application. Farmers will benefit from customized agronomic recommendations and reliable documentation within the same solution. Supported crops include corn, soy, cotton, canola, sunflower, and sugarbeet, with more crops, such as small grains, added over time. AGCO will offer the system in the Americas and Europe from 2024.

With sophisticated sensors, automated sensitivity thresholds, access to Bosch BASF Smart Farming’s pest identification technology, and Fendt Rogator’s robust application platform, the system offers targeted spraying and digital tools to turn the application data into actionable insights, improving yields and efficiency for farmers. The Smart Spraying system also delivers significant herbicide savings, making it an attractive option for farmers looking to enhance their efficiency and sustainability. The collaboration between AGCO, Bosch BASF Smart Farming, and Fendt Rogator demonstrates how technology transforms agriculture, focusing on improving profitability and sustainability.

According to Seth Crawford, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Precision Ag & Digital, AGCO, the Smart Spraying solution that delivers clean fields with maximum savings while maintaining productivity is an excellent example of AGCO’s farmer focus. AGCO’s partnership with Bosch BASF Smart Farming highlights the company’s commitment to providing farmers and custom applicators with sustainable solutions. The progress in developing a sustainable solution for optimal herbicide savings that improve profitability is a testament to AGCO’s commitment to its customer’s success. The Smart Spraying solution combines superior precision, digital tools, and agronomic expertise. The solution’s 24/7 application capability delivers exceptional green-on-green and green-on-brown performance, making it a significant innovation in agriculture technology. The partnership with Bosch BASF Smart Farming positions AGCO as a leader in the agricultural sector, providing sustainable solutions that benefit farmers and the environment.

Image provided by AGCO


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