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AEssenseGrows Partners with DanCann Pharma for High-Yield Cannabis Production

AEssenseGrows Partners with DanCann Pharma for High-Yield Cannabis Production

AEssenseGrows (website), an AgTech company specializing in automated aeroponic platforms for high-yield plant production, has announced a significant collaboration with DanCann Pharma (website), a Denmark-based medicinal cannabis company. As a result, DanCann is set to equip its production facility entirely with 1, 2, and 4-Layer AEtrium Systems from AEssenseGrows.

Having completed a final Developmental inspection with no deviations by the Danish Medicines Agency, DanCann anticipates shipments worth 80 million DKK (~ USD 11M) to Germany and Poland from 2023 to 2025.

“After finishing three grow cycles in our facility for validation, we will have qualified for commercial production with zero irradiation. This is pure and perfectly sterile aeroponic cannabis flower,” said Morten Martinsen, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at DanCann Pharma. “Everything we do is for the patient, and aeroponics enables us to deliver unspoiled products without any contamination or degradation from the irradiation process,” Martinsen added.

According to Michael Jorgensen, Managing Director at AEssenseGrows, the team at DanCann has developed a unique cultivation method that optimizes fertilizer use with significant results. “Their minimal salts aeroponic approach provides an immaculate grow process with no biofilm build-up,” Jorgensen said.

Over the past year, DanCann has been testing many new cannabis strains, with a preference for Kush variants and several high-THC hybrids and phenotypes. DanCann can manage its entire facility from a single dashboard, utilizing the revolutionary Guardian Grow Manager software, capturing standard operating procedures and workflows. With plans to boost production by 20 times over the next year, DanCann’s complete automation strategy will support this growth with minimal additional labor.

DanCann is currently producing pharmaceutical-grade premium cannabis for existing contracts. With the addition of the latest Double Deck AEtrium deliveries, the current capacity is already sold out through the end of 2024.

Image provided by AEssenceGrows

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