AGCO Corporation introduces the Massey Ferguson 1 Series round baler, a technologically advanced solution for North American hay producers.
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AGCO Launches Massey Ferguson 1 Series Round Baler

AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, has unveiled its latest innovation in the world of hay production – the Massey Ferguson 1 Series round baler. This cutting-edge baler series is set to deliver efficiency, quality, and operator comfort while addressing the challenges of demanding dry hay, stover, and residue applications. The launch of the Massey Ferguson 1 Series marks a significant stride in AGCO’s commitment to meeting the needs of hay producers in North America.

The Massey Ferguson 1 Series round baler boasts a fusion of tried-and-tested technology with decades of industry-leading innovation. The baler comes in two variable-chamber models, namely the RB.146, capable of producing round bales up to 4-by-6 feet, and the larger RB.156, designed for up to 5-by-6 feet.

A stand-out feature of the 1 Series is its seamless pickup system, enhancing efficiency and operator comfort. This advanced design significantly reduces the required power, with the RB.146 requiring just 80 horsepower and the RB.156 needing 100 horsepower. Notably, the elimination of a cam track streamlines maintenance and minimizes noise.

The 1 Series round baler accelerates the loading process, requiring minimal physical effort. A front-mounted net binding system enables tighter and faster binding without compromising visibility, a dual benefit that enhances productivity for North American farmers. The innovative duckbill-style net system eliminates environmental obstructions, and the net braking design ensures simple one-handed adjustments for optimal net tension. Furthermore, a pivotable net roll-loading rack minimizes lifting and positioning efforts. For added operator convenience, an optional hydraulically operated drop floor allows obstructions to be cleared without dismounting from the tractor.

Engineers meticulously designed the 1 Series round baler to withstand the harshest conditions faced by North American dry hay production. Its heavy-duty components promise reliable and long-lasting service for consistently high ROI and an improved total cost of ownership. Key design elements include triple-lip sealed bearings to prevent dust and debris infiltration, heavy-wall aggressive rollers with welded cleats for prolonged service life, and debris shields and cast roller flares to counter material buildup and protect bearings.

To minimize downtime, the 1 Series employs high-quality systems proven to reduce unnecessary interruptions. Maintenance-free elastomeric tension and toothless idlers minimize wear on diamond roller chains, ensuring maximum uptime. The baler’s minimalistic approach to moving parts aligns with Massey Ferguson’s focus on dependability and user-friendly equipment.

Hay quality deteriorates from the moment of cutting, making speed and quality crucial in baling operations. According to Matt LeCroy, director of hay and harvesting for Massey Ferguson North America, the 1 Series baler is designed to meet these critical demands. The baler’s vertical chamber employs gravity to increase bale density without additional power or components. It also features a positively engaging undershot rotor for enhanced efficiency. With cross-platform commonality, the baler seamlessly integrates into various operations, featuring tractor implement management (TIM) capabilities that enable the baler to cycle the bale without operator input.

The Massey Ferguson 1 Series round baler promises a new era of efficiency, quality, and operator convenience in hay production. Attendees of the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, will have the opportunity to witness this innovation firsthand at the AGCO booth from August 29 to 31. As AGCO continues to set new standards in the agricultural industry, launching the 1 Series reaffirms its commitment to advancing farming practices worldwide.

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