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Agronomeye Receives Prestigious Grant to Expand Digital Twins in Agriculture

Agronomeye Receives Prestigious Grant to Expand Digital Twins in Agriculture. AgTech; AgriTech

Key Takeaways

  1. Australian agtech company Agronomeye has been awarded a $750,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant.
  2. The grant will support the development of AgTwin™, believed to be agriculture’s first digital twin.
  3. AgTwin™ aims to provide actionable insights for landowners to make decisions that enhance profitability, sustainability, and resilience.
  4. The grant will also enable the development of a companion app to capture more farm data.
  5. Agronomeye plans to use the funding to improve reporting functionality for various stakeholders across the supply chain.

Agronomeye, an Australian agtech company specializing in the development of interactive 3D digital twins of farms, has been awarded a $750,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant under the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme. Agronomeye will match the grant and aims to accelerate the development of the company’s key product, AgTwin™.

About AgTwin™

AgTwin™ is considered to be the first digital twin in agriculture. It provides actionable and marketable insights at the farm scale, enabling landowners to make informed decisions that drive profitability, sustainability, and resilience. The technology also facilitates verifiable reporting to meet the needs of financiers, insurers, customers, and supply chain partners.

Use of Grant Funding

The grant will be used to ramp up work on AgTwin™ and develop key capabilities, including a companion app that will help capture more data about the farm more often. This will enrich the digital twin and provide a more comprehensive view of the farm’s conditions. CEO and co-founder Stu Adam stated that the grant is a testament to the potential of their work and the dedication of their team.

Reporting Functionality

The funding will also support the development of fit-for-purpose reporting functionality. This will allow AgTwin™ to meet the diverse reporting needs of farmers and other stakeholders across the supply chain. Whether it’s a simple PDF or a dynamic integration with supply chain partners, the aim is to make reporting simple and valuable.

Future Projects and Partnerships

Agronomeye has major projects underway, including a recently announced partnership with RegenCo. This collaboration will use AgTwin™ to provide transparency and integrity for regulators, farmers, and investors in the carbon market. The company is excited about the role it is playing in bringing much-needed integrity and transparency to this evolving sector of agriculture.

Photo by Taylor Siebert on Unsplash 

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