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AgroScout Partners with Potato Growers in the USA to Provide Comprehensive Data Solutions

AgroScout Potato Farming

AgroScout has partnered with potato growers in the USA to provide a comprehensive solution for collecting and analyzing data throughout the potato growth cycle. The technology uses drones, satellites, and mobile devices to gather data on soil conditions, plant health, and crop yield. This enables farmers to make informed decisions to improve their potato yields. The technology is a SAAS company, and AgroScout is the only provider able to make a stand count on potatoes, which is essential for yield estimation. AgroScout has added the world’s most advanced agricultural drone to its toolkit and collaborated with the farm management software CropTrak.

“At AgroScout, we believe that precision agriculture is the future of farming,” said CEO Simcha Shore. “Our technology is designed to help farmers optimize their operations, improve yields, and reduce their environmental impact. We’re thrilled to bring our innovative solutions to potato growers in the USA and look forward to a successful collaboration.”

The Potato Farming Industry

Statista estimates that China and India are the top producers of potatoes worldwide, with the United States ranking fourth. In 2022, Idaho was the leading potato-producing state in the US, with an annual production amount of approximately 121 million cwt. Washington and Wisconsin followed with about 93.3 million cwt and 29 million cwt, respectively. Potatoes are grown in almost every region of the United States, with between 900 thousand and one million acres planted and harvested yearly since 2001.

Potatoes are a staple crop in the United States and are used for various purposes, including chips and shoestring fries, with 60.3 million cwt of potatoes used for this purpose in 2021. Per capita consumption of fresh potatoes has been declining since 2010, while fresh sweet potato consumption has been on the rise. Despite the decreasing trend in potato consumption, the potato remains an essential crop in the US, and potato production continues to be a significant contributor to the economy.

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