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Leading Harvest Launches Founding Supporter Council for Sustainable Agriculture

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Leading Harvest, the nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture and food production, has just announced the creation of its Founding Supporter Council. This initiative aims to bring together key players in the agricultural industry to work towards a common goal of promoting sustainability in the supply chain. The Council will comprise four inaugural members: Nestlé, John Deere, Cargill, and Nutrien Ag Solutions. These companies share a vision of promoting sustainable agriculture, and they are committed to continuous improvement and harmonizing sustainability reporting and verification across diverse supply chains.

“As Leading Harvest’s inaugural Founding Supporters, Nestlé, John Deere, Cargill, and Nutrien Ag Solutions are demonstrating their commitment to agricultural sustainability and will be at the forefront of driving positive outcomes global scale,” said Leading Harvest President and CEO Kenny Fahey. “The work of the Council will create a blueprint for harmonizing sustainability action across the value chain that can be independently verified at a massive scale and replicated across the sector. We appreciate the leadership of this group and their commitment to action.”

Through this initiative, Leading Harvest will work directly with suppliers to help them gain certification through the Farmland Management Standard. The involvement of these four leading companies in the Founding Supporter Council represents an exciting first step towards achieving this goal. While the Flagship Projects of the Founding Supporters will initially be focused on the United States, Leading Harvest’s scope remains global, and the organization is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and food production across the globe.

“We’re excited to continue our work with Leading Harvest to certify sustainable and regenerative farming practices,” said Emily Johannes, Director, Diverse and Sustainable Sourcing at Nestlé. “Leading Harvest will work directly with suppliers, who can gain certification through the Farmland Management Standard. Our enrollment in the Founding Support Council is an exciting first step with Leading Harvest, and we look forward to the potential it unlocks for future projects.”

The Rise Of Sustainable Agriculture Practices In The US

Sustainable agriculture practices are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, with farmers adopting various methods to reduce their environmental impact and promote long-term soil health. These practices include reducing tillage, using cover crops, and rotating crops to improve soil health and reduce erosion. Additionally, some farmers are adopting precision agriculture techniques, such as using sensors to monitor soil moisture and applying fertilizer only where needed. By adopting these sustainable agriculture practices, farmers in the United States are reducing their environmental impact and improving their bottom line by reducing input costs and increasing crop yields over the long term.

Despite the increasing popularity of sustainable agriculture practices in the United States, there are still limits to their widespread adoption. One significant challenge is the cost of transitioning to these practices, as many farmers may not have the resources to invest in new equipment or techniques. Additionally, some regions may lack knowledge and technical support, making it difficult for farmers to access the information they need to make informed decisions. Moreover, the current agricultural policies and subsidies may not always incentivize adopting sustainable agriculture practices. Finally, there is a need for more research and data on the long-term effectiveness of sustainable agriculture practices, particularly regarding their impact on crop yields and profitability.

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