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AgXelerators Joins Indiana’s Premier Tech Hub

AgXelerators partners with the Purdue Technology Center for cutting-edge research and agriscience innovation.
Key Takeaways:
  • AgXelerators Inc. is thrilled to be a part of PTC, emphasizing the high-quality facilities and potential collaborations with other industry experts in this hub.
  • AgXelerators partners with biological and chemical crop protection firms to develop commercial products from initial concept to market introduction.
  • The Purdue Research Foundation is an integral entity supporting Purdue University’s advancement and its endeavors, including startups and innovations.
Best-in-class Research & Innovation in Purdue Technology Center

Having top-tier lab facilities is paramount for a world-class research and innovation environment. AgXelerators has identified such a facility in the Purdue Technology Center (PTC).

The Purdue Research Park is Indiana’s largest Certified Technology Park (CTP), operated by the prestigious Purdue Research Foundation. This technological hub houses over 250 advanced companies, including startups and significant publicly traded corporations. These organizations span various sectors, including aerospace, IT, life science, and more, employing over 5,000 Hoosiers.

The PTC has facilities such as Class A office spaces, wet labs, shared conference rooms, and co-working spaces. These amenities facilitate seamless collaborations with faculty and students, furthering the scientific endeavors of its occupants.

This is a golden opportunity for AgXelerators, a company that has recently started to expand its agriscience business. As the President and co-founder of AgXelerators, Mark Zettler, commented, “The PTC doesn’t just offer premium lab facilities. It places us in the epicenter of global research, allowing us to collaborate with other experts.” AgXelerators stands at the intersection of science and commerce, transforming the active ingredients of partners into efficient, sustainable products. They provide holistic services from initial formulation to the product’s market launch.

As Zettler hints, this announcement marks the beginning of AgXelerator’s growth journey, with the next step being establishing and staffing a second research and development space.

About Purdue Research Foundation

Dating back to 1930, the Purdue Research Foundation is a nonprofit foundation committed to promoting Purdue University’s mission. From accepting donations to managing Purdue’s intellectual property, the foundation plays a pivotal role. Under its umbrella is Purdue Innovates, which includes various arms such as the Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization, Incubator, and more. Furthermore, it oversees several prominent entities like the Purdue Research Park and Purdue for Life Foundation.

About AgXelerators Inc.

Positioned as a catalyst in the agriscience industry, AgXelerators accelerates the development of innovative research into commercial products. They excel in rapidly prototyping, testing, and registering new biological and chemical crop protection solutions. Their extensive global industry connections enable them to foster partnerships that further their mission. 

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