AgXelerators accelerates agricultural innovation by transforming novel bio-based and chemical ingredients into stable, effective products.
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AgXelerators: Pioneering Agricultural Innovation

In the realm of agriculture, innovation is the driving force behind advancements that not only enhance crop protection but also contribute to sustainable practices and increased productivity. However, the journey from a novel bio-based or chemical active ingredient to a stable and effective product is often riddled with challenges. This is where AgXelerators (AgX) steps in, an innovative company founded by accomplished scientists and innovators to accelerate the development of new active ingredients into commercially viable products that deliver their full potential.

AgXelerators has emerged as a beacon of hope for startups and established companies alike, providing a solution to a common conundrum in the agriculture industry. While promising active agents may demonstrate efficacy in controlled environments like laboratories or greenhouses, translating that success to the field presents a different set of challenges. Moreover, the development of stable, commercially viable products, particularly in the realm of biologicals, can be a formidable task.

Mark Zettler, President & Co-Founder of AgXelerators, expressed the company’s excitement about transforming the crop protection landscape. Zettler stated, “Many startups, and even seasoned companies, face a common challenge: they can see the efficacy of an active agent in the lab or greenhouse but it doesn’t seem to translate to the field or they struggle to build a stable, commercially viable product to take to market, especially with biologicals. We are uniquely positioned to fill this gap and are passionate about doing so.”

One of AgXelerators’ core strengths lies in its ability to create proprietary formulations tailored to the specific needs of its clients. Whether it’s active chemical ingredients or living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and microbes, AgX leverages its expertise to design products that deliver consistent performance, user convenience, and yield enhancement. The company’s support extends across the entire product development journey, from initial concept to rapid prototype formulation development, field demonstration, product registration, and market introduction.

The path to bringing agricultural products to market is often complex and regulated, requiring adherence to strict safety and environmental standards. AgXelerators not only excels in formulation development but also boasts a deep understanding of regulatory requirements. This expertise ensures that the formulations they create can confidently undergo the registration process. In addition to creating compliant products, AgX provides valuable consulting to help streamline the regulatory path, facilitating a smoother journey from innovation to market introduction.

Lei Liu, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor of AgXelerators emphasized the dynamic nature of agricultural formulation and regulatory compliance. Liu highlighted the company’s comprehensive approach, stating, “We use a comprehensive Product Design Analysis involving biology, chemistry, formulation, regulatory, and commercial experts to zero in on successful product development strategies and are adept at identifying and addressing the root causes for potential product failures.”

AgXelerators’ foundation is built upon the expertise of its founders, advisors, and key stakeholders. With a cumulative experience of over 100 years in agricultural product development, coupled with the design of more than 200 formulated AgriTech products valued at over $2 billion in annual sales, AgX stands as a powerhouse of innovation. Their contributions extend to groundbreaking technologies such as anti-drift formulations, microencapsulation, and controlled release.

Holger Tank, AgX Senior Director, emphasized the significance of formulation in product success. Tank stated, “A good formulation can make the difference between a concept that successfully advances through the development process or not. It makes the difference between a product that is well accepted by growers and one that fails.”

In a world where sustainable agriculture is imperative, AgXelerators’ dedication to transforming innovative discoveries into tangible, effective products is a boon to the industry. With their unique blend of scientific prowess, regulatory acumen, and a network of global industry connections, AgX is ready to drive partnerships and solutions that will revolutionize crop protection, plant health, and production.

As the agricultural landscape continues to evolve, AgXelerators stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking to bridge the gap between laboratory success and real-world impact. With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, AgX is a catalyst for agricultural advancement and a driving force behind a greener and more productive future.

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