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Apex.AI Partners with Krone and Lemken to Develop Autonomous Farming Systems

Apex.AI Partners with Krone and Lemken to Develop Autonomous Farming Systems. AgriTech; AgTech; Agriculture Technology

Apex.AI, a leading developer of safety-certified software for mobility and autonomous applications, announced a joint product development project with Krone and Lemken, agricultural machinery manufacturers, and precision agricultural technology. The collaboration aims to transition the ‘Combined Powers’ concept vehicle from the prototype stage to series production, leveraging Apex.AI’s Software Development Kit (SDK).

The ‘Combined Powers’ Concept Vehicle

Krone and Lemken developed the ‘Combined Powers’ vehicle, an autonomous drive unit capable of performing multiple farming tasks such as plowing, cultivating, sowing, mowing, turning, and swathing. The vehicle has already demonstrated its efficiency in the field and aims to address the shortage of skilled labor in agriculture by automating various tasks.

Software and Safety Certification

The critical software functions of the ‘Combined Powers’ vehicle are based on the Robot Operating System (ROS). Apex.AI’s products, Apex.Grace and Apex. Ida are also based on ROS but come with TÜV Nord certification for functional safety, making them suitable for commercial vehicle applications. “Apex.AI is establishing an operating software for the autonomous age,” said Jan Becker, CEO of Apex. AI.

Benefits of the Partnership

Manuel Volk, a developer at Krone, emphasized the advantages of transitioning from ROS to Apex.Grace stated that it would enable the implementation of secure functions and accelerate the learning curve within the company. Michael Nienhaus, a developer at Lemken, pointed out that Apex.AI’s software allows for hardware-independent application development, thereby reducing complexity and speeding up the development process.

Apex.AI’s Expertise

A U.S.-based company with German roots, Apex.AI specializes in operating systems for autonomous vehicles and has extensive experience in robotics and artificial intelligence. The company’s SDK is agile and iterative, tailored to individual applications, and has already been adopted by various partners in the agricultural and automotive sectors, including AGCO, MOIA, and Toyota.

Future Implications

The partnership between Apex.AI, Krone, and Lemken represents a significant step forward in autonomous farming. By leveraging Apex.AI’s certified software, the ‘Combined Powers’ vehicle is poised to revolutionize farming practices, solving labor shortages and enhancing efficiency in agricultural operations.

The collaboration also signifies the growing trend of digitization and automation in agriculture, as farmers increasingly turn to innovative technologies to optimize their operations. With Apex.AI’s software serving as the core component for the ‘Combined Powers’ vehicle, the partnership is set to pave the way for the next generation of autonomous farming systems.

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