Plant Science Research

New Approach for Stress Detection in Plants

A recent study by Kumar, Saifi, and Soami Daya Krishnananda, published in 2023, developed a novel method for stress detection in plants. This

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AgTech Corporate Funding Round

Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership Leads Investment in BioScout

Based in Saskatchewan, the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP) has recently concluded an investment round in BioScout Australia with Artesian (Alternative Investments) and

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French Court of Audit Recommends Significant Reduction in Cattle Herds

The French Court of Audit recently recommended significantly reducing the country’s cattle herds, a proposal that has stirred dialogue among various stakeholders in

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Plant Science Research

Cracking the Genetic Code for Wheat Disease Resistance

A study by Wang et al., published in 2023, has furthered our understanding of wheat disease resistance by decoding the leaf rust resistance

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Study Examines the Impact of Drought and Irrigation on Crop Yield

A groundbreaking study led by Zhang et al., published in 2023, presents a detailed examination of food security in China, a target central

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Agriculture Government

Marc Fesneau Leads Strategic Committee for French Fruit & Vegetable Sovereignty Plan

Marc Fesneau, French Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, chaired the inaugural meeting of the strategic steering committee for the fruit and vegetable

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UK Joins High Ambition Coalition in Support of Ambitious Global Plastic Pollution Treaty

The United Kingdom and 52 other members of the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) to End Plastic Pollution have endorsed a comprehensive Ministerial Statement

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Biofuel Corporate

EcoCeres Begins Shipment of Cellulosic Ethanol To Europe

Asia-based bio-refinery firm, EcoCeres, Inc., has reached a significant milestone in its renewable fuel production journey, with the successful dispatch of its first

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

The Challenge of Single-use Plugs in Indoor Vertical Farming

Indoor vertical farming is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, good optimization of space, year-round cultivation, and fewer pests. Key to this system

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Accelerator Food Tech

SparkLabs Cultiv8 Launches CleanTech Accelerator to Support Ten Australian Startups

SparkLabs Cultiv8, a leading Agri-Food Tech accelerator in Australia, has announced its support for cleantech, investing in and providing guidance to ten startups

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