Balancing Digital Transformation, Data and Risk Management
Controlled Environment Agriculture Digital Solutions

Balancing Digital Transformation, Data and Risk Management

Greetings to our regular readership! Not long ago, we had the privilege of witnessing an engaging conversation between industry powerhouses: Neda Vaseghi, Microclimates CEO, and Loren West, the company’s CTO. They covered a wide range of topics, from the shift in focus towards software, to data management, cybersecurity, and risk management, offering fascinating insights into the current state and future of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). In this article, we’re delving into their enlightening discussion, highlighting the duality of perspectives within CEA, the growing focus on cost-effective scalability, and the potential for collaboration in this emerging sector. We’ll also touch upon the hurdles and possible solutions related to implementing open-source systems, cybersecurity threats, and the pursuit of a novel modular paradigm.

Addressing Emerging Shifts
The conversation was kicked off by Vaseghi, who drew attention to the two mindsets within CEA: one that favors a conventional hardware-oriented perspective and another that is increasingly software-driven. Transitioning from a hardware-first to a software-centric approach can present numerous challenges for organizations.

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