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Better Juice Successfully Reduces Sugar in Berry and Fruit Juices

To lower the number of simple sugars in natural fruit and berry juices, Better Juice, a FoodTech firm, has finished a number of pilot studies in collaboration with GEA Group. Many berry juice producers from Europe, the USA, Australia, and Brazil took part in the pilot project to cut the sugar level of their berry juices by 30% and 50% while maintaining the distinctive tastes and textures of strawberry, cherry, and blueberry liquids. The GEA Better Juice Sugar Converter Device uses continuous flow columns with the company’s sugar-reducing beads to transform the juice’s sucrose, glucose, and fructose content into prebiotic oligosaccharides and other indigestible fibers.

The FoodTech company’s proprietary sugar-reduction beads comprise non-GMO microorganisms that naturally preserve the juice’s vital nutrients and convert them into prebiotic oligosaccharides and other non-digestible fibers. The treatment process was successful for both clear NFC juices, dense concentrates, and pulp-retained juices. Berry and cherry fruit are naturally abundant in pulp, so many juice companies strive to retain these fiber-rich fruit solids in their products. The company’s technology can handle pulp and ensure it remains in the liquid, eliminating the need for filtering. As a result, several companies have expressed interest in continuing to work with the FoodTech company to bring these products to market. In addition, discussions are underway with major US-based fruit juice companies to install the technology in their juice production systems.

Sugar’s flavor, texture, and preservation qualities make it a common component in agro-food. Yet, a number of health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and heart illnesses, have been related to the excessive use of sweets in food items. As these health issues have been linked to a high diet of added sugars, several health organizations advise reducing sugar intake to enhance health results. In addition, it is a severe public health concern because excessive sugar consumption has increased tooth decay and other dental issues.

An increasing tendency has emerged to reduce sugar in agro-food products in response to these worries. To increase the nutritional content of their goods, some food firms have committed to reducing the quantity of added sugar in their products, while others are looking into sugar substitutes such as natural sweeteners. Technology has also offered a creative way to reduce sugar in fruit juices while retaining flavor and nutritional value, such as Better Juice’s sugar-reducing beads. Nevertheless, the proper use of sugar in some goods may still be required for flavor, texture, and preservation, even though lowering sugar in agro-food products is a step in the right direction toward improved health outcomes.

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