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L-com Expands IoT Environmental Sensors for Light Detection

L-com's new environmental sensors detect ambient and UV light.

To help with IoT data gathering and improve process management, L-com, a trademark of Infinite Electronics, has announced extending its range of IoT light-detection environmental sensors. The new sensors may be utilized in various settings, including greenhouses, agriculture, labs, and factories. They monitor ambient or UV light. The sensors are suitable for challenging interior conditions, such as manufacturing floors, and can assist in reducing construction and process costs.

The new environmental sensors from L-com monitor light intensity up to 65,000 or 200,000 Lux and detect ambient and UV light. The sensors are ideal for demanding indoor and outdoor conditions and include a waterproof casing. In addition, l-com provides a 3-in-1 environmental integrated transmitter that monitors illuminance, temperature, and humidity in addition to the ambient light models. The transmitter is appropriate for indoor and outdoor settings, including solar farms and automated industrial systems. With the great sensitivity of these new light-detection sensors, system integrators, engineers, and others may leverage IoT data collecting to enhance safety, streamline procedures, and reduce construction costs. The IoT ambient light sensors are now in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Overall, L-com’s new light-detection environmental sensors offer a promising solution for process control and cost reduction in various applications, including those in the agricultural industry. These sensors can help improve safety and efficiency while lowering building costs, making them a valuable addition to the IoT technology market.

Image provided by L-com

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