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BetterBrand Announces UK Launch with ‘The Better Bagel’

BetterBrand Announces UK Launch with 'The Better Bagel'. Food Tech; AgTech; AgriTech; Agriculture Technology; Indoor Farming; Vertical Farming

Key Takeaways:

  1. BetterBrand, a food tech company specializing in healthier carb alternatives, is expanding to the UK market.
  2. The company’s ‘hero’ product, ‘The Better Bagel,’ will be exclusively available at Whole Foods Market locations in the UK starting October 2, 2023.
  3. ‘The Better Bagel’ is a low-carb, high-protein, and no-added-sugar alternative to traditional bagels, made possible by proprietary ‘grain-changing’ technology.
  4. The company recently closed a record-breaking Series A funding round of $6 million, led by CEO and Founder Aimee C. Yang.
  5. BetterBrand aims to double its revenue run rate from $15 million to over $30 million by the end of 2023.

BetterBrand, a leading innovator in the $12 trillion refined carb space, has announced its international expansion with the launch of its ‘hero’ product, ‘The Better Bagel,’ in the UK. The product will be exclusively available at Whole Foods Market locations across the UK starting October 2, 2023. This move marks a significant milestone in BetterBrand’s mission to transform traditionally carb-heavy foods into healthier alternatives without compromising taste.

A Better Bagel for the UK

The UK launch comes as the demand for ‘better-for-you’ products continues to surge in the country. ‘The Better Bagel’ offers a healthier alternative to traditional bagels, transforming them into the net carb equivalent of two banana slices. The product boasts over 25g of plant-based protein and no added sugar. It will be available in three SKUs: ‘The Everything,’ ‘The Classic,’ and ‘The Pretzel,’ and sold in two packs for £5.99.

Record-Breaking Funding and Revenue Goals

BetterBrand recently closed a Series A funding round with a pre-money valuation of the company at $170 million, setting a new record for the highest Series A valuation by a female founder in venture history. The company surpassed a $15 million revenue run rate in August 2023 and aims to double it to over $30 million by the end of the year.

Commitment to Innovation

BetterBrand’s expansion into the UK is backed by its proprietary ‘grain-changing’ technology, which allows the company to create innovative twists on traditional favorites. The technology enables BetterBrand to offer products that taste good and align with health-conscious consumer preferences.

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