Biodel Ag, Inc. has secured Series A financing led by Pangaea Ventures to advance regenerative agriculture solutions.
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Biodel Ag Secures Series A Financing Led by Pangaea Ventures

Regenerative agriculture company Biodel Ag, Inc. has successfully closed its Series A financing round spearheaded by Pangaea Ventures Ltd. This significant investment will back Biodel AG’s mission to fast-track the commercialization of innovative solutions tailored to augment soil health, maximize water utilization, enhance nutrient efficiency, and capture carbon emissions from the environment.

Janelle Goulard, a seasoned partner at Pangaea Ventures, will join the board of directors at Biodel AG, further fortifying the collaboration between the two entities.

Speaking on the investment, Ben Cloud, CEO of Biodel AG, remarked, “Pangaea Ventures’ strategic investment not only substantiates our vision but also furnishes us with the necessary means to accelerate our commercial initiatives. We are fervent in our belief that our biological agricultural solutions are the future – they offer a potent and economically viable strategy to absorb significant amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses while rejuvenating deteriorating soils.”

Modern agricultural techniques, predominantly those from the 20th century, have been detrimental to soil quality, transforming nutrient-rich soil into unproductive dirt. This degradation has decreased the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients, mainly due to salination. Notably, thriving, resilient soils necessitate less water and minimal fertilizer input, guarantee a sustainable food source, and are critical in sequestering atmospheric carbon.

Biodel AG’s commitment is twofold: reviving the health and functionality of the soil and enhancing plant vitality. This approach promises a sustainable food supply chain and positions the company at the forefront of greenhouse gas sequestration.

Janelle Goulard, from Pangaea Ventures, expressed her enthusiasm, “Biodel AG is at the cusp of revolutionizing regenerative agriculture. Their groundbreaking solutions are instrumental in rejuvenating the planet’s soil and biodiversity, thereby crucial in combatting climate change. We’re excited to be part of this transformative journey and to assist Biodel AG in realizing its vision for a sustainable future.”

Biodel AG, Inc. specializes in developing ingredients that resonate with the ethos of regenerative agriculture and organic farming. Their flagship product, Sequester®, a liquid biological soil amendment, is tailored for revitalizing nutrient-depleted soils. It is a significant step in reversing the repercussions of climate change by enhancing the soil’s carbon capture ability. 

Image provided by Biodel AG

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