Indonesia and Korea introduce the GDEP, a revolutionary step towards merging sustainability with the digital economy.
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Bridging Future Sustainability Through GDEP

Yesterday, the world witnessed an unprecedented move with unveiling of the Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP), a monumental collaboration between Indonesia and Korea. Officially endorsed by Dr. Moeldoko, Indonesia’s Presidential Chief of Staff, this initiative is set to accelerate sustainability, boost digital well-being, and push the boundaries of the digital economy.

What is the GDEP?

Coming on the heels of the 24th ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit, which accentuated the shared ambition for a green, digitalized economy, and carbon neutrality, the GDEP emerges as a groundbreaking solution. The platform is a product of the synergy between HumanX, renowned for its dedication to human-centric technology, the Maju Tani Movement of Indonesia, and the DQ Institute.

The GDEP is a business collaboration tool that synergizes the digital economy with sustainability. It departs from the conventional “circular economy” construct, introducing the innovative “cross economy” model. By combining Korea’s technological prowess, Indonesia’s abundant market and resources, and global R&D and investment, the platform promises to lead revolutionary digital enhancements in agri-tech, climate-tech, and carbon trading.

GDEP’s Mission and Impacts

The ambitious GDEP has its sights set on transforming the lives of 62 million Indonesian farmers. As Dr. Moeldoko opines, the platform will equip these farmers with AI and digital transformation tools, not just boosting food security but cementing Indonesia’s place as an agri-tech frontrunner.

The province of North Kalimantan, Indonesia, has been anointed as the initial testing site, and it’s poised to become a global beacon for knowledge-sharing. Here, farmers will receive unparalleled digital literacy and skill training, introducing them to futuristic farming techniques such as meta-farming.

Dr. Yuhyun Park, the mastermind behind HumanX and the DQ Institute, envisions a transformative journey for Indonesian farmers. He foresees a triple-fold economic surge as they harness the power of digitalization and venture into the profitable world of carbon trading.

In Dr. Kim Sang-Hyup’s words, the Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth Chairperson, “This collaboration holds significant meaning.” The bilateral partnership between Indonesia and Korea, now in its golden jubilee, is expected to carve new economic pathways, underscoring carbon neutrality, digital advancement, and the green economy.

Pillars of the GDEP
  • Technopreneurship: By integrating cutting-edge technological R&D, IP, and expertise, the GDEP intends to foster a conducive atmosphere for Indonesian and Korean startups and MSMEs, guiding them towards achieving the coveted ‘unicorn’ status.
  • Carbon Credit Trading: The platform will utilize the Digital-ESG Standards to introduce a comprehensive carbon trading system, maximizing the gains from carbon trading initiatives.
  • Impact Monitoring: The Digital-ESG Index will be an integral metric for tracking and evaluating real-world impacts, offering a clear lens into the nation’s trajectory in digital economic growth and sustainable practices.

HumanX stands as a global consortium championing the cause of human-centric AI and technology. Powered by the DQ Institute, it aims to redefine the AI and tech innovation landscape by adhering to the Digital-ESG Standards.

The Maju Tani Movement is a testimony to the fusion of tradition and technology. Its revolutionary concept of Meta Farming paints a future where anyone can embrace farming, even without owning land. The movement’s goal is clear: inspire the youth and underscore the marvels of agri-technology.

The GDEP emerges as more than just a platform—it’s a vision for a future where sustainability and digital transformation converge. The combined strength of Indonesia and Korea is poised to chart a new course, heralding an era of green digital economic prosperity.

Image provided by the DQ Institute

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