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Boon Greenhouse Consultancy Joins Forces with AI Grow

Boon Greenhouse and AI Grow unite for innovative horticultural automation, offering tailored, scalable farming solutions
Key Takeaways
  • Boon Greenhouse Consultancy partners with AI Grow, a leading provider of horticultural automation solutions.
  • AI Grow automates farming processes, focusing on cannabis and other indoor and greenhouse crops.
  • The company’s unique Birdhouse sensors monitor various environmental factors, offering constant crop protection.
  • Customizable fertigation and modular software ensure solutions cater to each client’s needs.
  • Both companies highlight the importance of their partnership, emphasizing their collective commitment to providing top-tier services.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Boon Greenhouse Consultancy has announced its recent partnership with automation specialist AI Grow. A merger of this magnitude sets a new benchmark in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and promises a revolutionary approach to farming operations.

A Match Made for Growth

Boon Greenhouse Consultancy has been an iconic figure in agricultural consulting, aiding significant players in the horticulture industry. Adding AI Grow to its portfolio marks a significant stride forward in the company’s commitment to modern, efficient farming solutions.

AI Grow stands at the intersection of technology and horticulture. Their forte is automating myriad aspects of the farming process—lights, water, nutrients, and even environmental monitoring. Such integration invariably leads to increased yields and a healthier bottom line, making AI Grow an asset for farmers seeking to optimize their operations.

Innovation in Monitoring

One of AI Grow’s most notable contributions to the industry is their patent-pending Birdhouse sensors. These devices continually monitor critical environmental parameters like light, CO2, temperature, VPD, and humidity. Such vigilant observation ensures that crops remain protected from potentially detrimental conditions.

Beyond environmental monitoring, AI Grow allows growers to customize their fertigation and nutrient dosing, allowing for a tailored approach to each crop’s needs. This personalized touch ensures optimal growth and monitoring throughout a plant’s lifecycle.

Scalable Solutions for Every Need

Adaptable and client-centric, AI Grow emphasizes crafting solutions that align with each project’s unique requirements. Their modular control software can seamlessly transition from small-scale craft grows to vast multi-acre cultivation facilities.

Additionally, AI Grow’s user-friendly touchscreen interface promises a hassle-free management experience. Whether operators are on-site or managing remotely, they have 24/7 control over the farming operations.

Mutual Admiration and Anticipation

Serge Boon, the owner of Boon Greenhouse, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the significance of having a seasoned team that can devise bespoke solutions promptly.

The sentiment is reciprocated by Chris Ellis, President and CEO of AI Grow, who lauded Boon Greenhouse Consultancy’s reputation. The endorsement from such a reputed brand is a testament to AI Grow’s caliber and the unparalleled services they offer.

Founded by a blend of electrical control engineers, software developers, and cultivation aficionados. AI Grow’s fusion of technical know-how and a genuine passion for growth makes this partnership even more special.

The alliance of Boon Greenhouse Consultancy and AI Grow signifies more than just a business partnership. It represents the confluence of experience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service. 

Photo by Katrien Van crombrugghe on Unsplash 

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