AgTech Digital Solutions

The US and EU Join Hands for AI Initiative

The United States and European Union have come together for a historic partnership to promote and advance the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various domains. The partnership aims to […]

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AgTech Indoor Farming Robotics

Revolutionizing Vertical Farming with Robotics

We sat with Urban Farms Inc. (Website, LinkedIn) CEO & Co-Founder Maximilian Knight to discuss the company’s business model and long-term goals for the industry. Urban Farms is a Colorado-based company that seeks […]

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AgTech Corporate Digital Solutions

Report Outlines Opportunities For Quantum in AgTech

The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) released a report titled “Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) in Washington State.” The report aims to solidify the state’s established expertise in quantum computing & highlight prospects […]

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AgTech Corporate Digital Solutions Funding Round

France Unveils a 65M Euro Agriculture Research Program

France has officially launched the Priority Research Program and Equipment (PEPR) on agroecology and digital technology, a new agriculture research program aimed at accelerating the agroecological transition in the country’s […]

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AgTech Corporate Deals Digital Solutions Partnerships Precision Ag

Vineyard Growers May Soon Be Empowered With Data

Predictive Agriculture company, Agrology, and SaaS platform for the wine and spirits industry, Process2Wine, have announced a partnership to provide Agrology data to Process2Wine customers. This partnership will empower growers […]

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Corporate Deals Digital Solutions

California LightWorks and Virex Technologies expand LED Lighting in Europe

California LightWorks has announced a strategic partnership with Virex Technologies to expand European distribution. This partnership will allow California LightWorks to bring its unique, patented MegaDrive® technology to the rapidly […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Digital Solutions

Study Reveals Impact of Light Spectra on Vertical Farming Crops

The determination of the optimal light spectra for growing crops can be a challenging task for many growers, both established and newcomers. With the increased popularity of LED lighting, the […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Digital Solutions Funding Round

Sollum Technologies Secures $30M To Fuel Expansion

Sollum Technologies, a leading provider of smart LED lighting solutions for greenhouse growers, has closed a $30 million financing round. The funding, which includes $25 million from Idealist Capital and […]

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AgTech Digital Solutions Partnerships

NASA Harvest & Planet Labs Join Forces To Further Monitoring Solutions

NASA Harvest and Planet Labs PBC (NYSE: PL) have joined forces to promote the joint Food Security and Agricultural Monitoring Solution. The service seeks to provide analyses of possible hazards […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Digital Solutions

Veea, Trilogy, and Microclimates: A Partnership for Precision Greenhouse Automation and Increased Efficiency

Microclimates is a newly established business that specializes in all stages of data collection and process management for climate-controlled settings. Veea and Trilogy Networks have teamed with Microclimates. Hurst Farms […]

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