AgTech Digital Solutions

Bushel Farm: Next-Gen Farm Management Software with Grain Marketing Insights

Bushel Inc. has launched Bushel Farm, a farm management software designed to provide farmers and agribusiness partners with valuable grain marketing insights while reducing the burden of manual data entry. […]

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AgTech Appointments Corporate Robotics

GreenField Incorporated Hires Executives & Advisors Ahead Of The 2023 Crop Season

GreenField Incorporated has announced hiring four new executives and advisors to their team in preparation for the upcoming 2023 crop season. These new additions are expected to be crucial in […]

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AgTech Appointments Corporate Digital Solutions

ProducePay Makes Strategic Appointments

ProducePay has recently announced the appointment of Karl Varsanyi, Manolo Reyes, and Ravi Jolly to key leadership positions. These appointments are part of the company’s strategic plans to expand its […]

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AgTech Blockchain Digital Solutions

Farm To Plate Launches Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Tracking Solution

Farm to Plate (Website) has recently launched its innovative blockchain-based provenance and tracking solution for the food supply chain, Farm To Plate (F2P). F2P enhances data transparency throughout the food […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Indoor Farming Partnerships Robotics

MetoMotion Inks Multi-Year Deal For The Purchase Of Its Greenhouse Robots

MetoMotion, a leading robotics company, has signed a multi-year agreement with RedStar to purchase multiple Greenhouse Robotics Worker (GRoW) robots. RedStar, a pioneer in greenhouse farming, had already started harvesting […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Digital Solutions Horticulture Partnerships

Gardin and Boxford Farms Team Up to Boost Glasshouse Yields

Gardin, a technology firm, has teamed up with Boxford Farms to showcase an innovation that could revolutionize how commercial glasshouse growers monitor and manage their crops. The technology, which monitors […]

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AgTech Artifical Intelligence Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Funding Round

Astanor Ventures Leads’s $23M Funding for Sustainable Greenhouse AI, a technology company that provides AI-powered solutions to greenhouse growers, has closed a $23 million Series A funding round, bringing its total funding to $35 million in less than […]

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AgTech Digital Solutions Funding Round

GrainChain Raises $29 Million in Funding Round

GrainChain, a U.S.-based technology company that operates at the intersection of agtech and fintech, has raised $29 million in a recent up-funding round to accelerate its growth in the U.S. […]

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AgTech Artifical Intelligence Controlled Environment Agriculture Robotics

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics’ Role In Tomorrow’s Agriculture

Artechno Grow Systems is an automated vertical farm supplier engaged in developing vertical hydroponic cultivation systems. Art van Rijn founded Artechno Grow Systems in the late 80s to innovate how […]

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AgTech Controlled Environment Agriculture Digital Solutions Vertical Farming

Data-Driven Farming: GoodLeaf Integrates Microsoft Solutions

GoodLeaf Farms, Canada’s leading commercial vertical farm, has been at the forefront of this movement, using cutting-edge technology and innovative growing methods to provide fresh, locally grown produce year-round. One […]

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