The ‘Soil’ section on iGrow News focuses on the essentials of soil science and its importance in sustainable farming. This category offers insights into the composition and health of our grounds and how these factors are crucial for thriving agriculture.

Understanding the science behind it is critical. This includes learning about its structure, what it’s made of, and the processes it undergoes. Knowing this helps grasp how it affects plant growth and crop yields.

Soil health is another major topic. Healthy soil is full of nutrients and has a balanced ecosystem, including microbes. The category examines how farming practices can either improve or harm its health.

Managing soil properly is vital. Techniques like rotating crops, covering crops, and minimal tillage help maintain its health. These methods prevent certain issues like erosion and nutrient loss, ensuring it stays fertile for future farming.

Sustainable farming heavily relies on healthy soil. Its good management boosts crop resilience against climate change and pests and helps reduce greenhouse gases.

In summary, the category is a guide for anyone interested in farming sustainably. It emphasizes the importance of it in agriculture and offers practical tips for keeping it healthy.

Digital Solutions Smart Farming Soil

Slakes: A New App for Easy Soil Health Assessment by SHI

Key Takeaways: World Soil Day Celebration: The Soil Health Institute (SHI) released the ‘Slakes’ app on World Soil Day to encourage global engagement in.

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Partnerships Smart Farming Soil

Trace Genomics & EarthOptics Unveil Advanced Carbon Measurement Technology for Agriculture

Key Takeaways: Technological Breakthrough: Trace Genomics and EarthOptics collaborate to introduce a new standard in soil carbon measurement accuracy. Innovative Product: The C-Mapper.

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AgriBusiness Partnerships Smart Farming Soil

OCP, UM6P, and Regrow’s Partnership

Key Takeaways Innovative MRV System Development: OCP Group, UM6P, and American agriculture startup Regrow are partnering to create a Measuring, Reporting, and Verification.

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Partnerships Soil Sustainable Agriculture University Research

Argo Living Soils Collaboration with UBC

Key Takeaways Argo Living Soils Corp. is collaborating with the University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Applied Science, Civil Engineering Department, for.

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Carbon Credits Market Trends & Economy Nutrients Soil

Verde AgriTech Unveils Sustainable Life Cycle Analysis for K Forte

Key Takeaways Verde AgriTech Ltd’s Life Cycle Analysis indicates a potential for significant carbon dioxide removal through Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW). The net.

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Agriculture Soil Sustainable Agriculture

Harsco Environmental Launches Low-Carbon Fertilizer in Brazil

Key Takeaways: Harsco Environmental, under Enviri Corporation, debuts AgroSilicio, a low-carbon fertilizer, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. AgroSilicio is produced using.

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Deals Soil

Earth Alive Clean Technologies Expands its Organic Soil Activator to Greece Amid Agricultural Challenges

Key Takeaways: Earth Alive Clean Technologies has received authorization to market its Soil Activator™ in Greece. The product aims to improve soil nutrition.

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Agriculture Appointments Soil

ProGro BIO Appoints New Regional Field Directors

Key Takeaways ProGro BIO, a company dedicated to regenerative farming through organic products, announces the appointment of two new Regional Field Directors. Jared.

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Research Soil

£2.45M Gift to Imperial College London Fuels Innovative Soil Microbial Research

Key Takeaways A £2.45 million donation from the Michael Uren Foundation will fund research on soil microbial communities at Imperial College London. The.

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Biotech Partnerships Soil

Ferganix & UAL: Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture

FERGANIX, LLC, and UAL Biotech PLT take a game-changing leap forward in an era marked by a call for sustainability and greener technologies..

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