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ChickP Introduces Cheese Alternatives Made From Chickpeas

ChickP alternative cheese

ChickP Protein, Ltd. has created prototypes of chickpea-powered cream cheese and firm cheddar cheese that match real dairy cheese in appearance and flavor while being highly nutritious. In addition, the company’s chickpea isolate has been patented and has demonstrated its capacity to act as an exceptional plant-based protein alternative for cheese analogs. ChickP’s breakthrough formulations will be instrumental in helping manufacturers fast-track the customization of plant-based cheese products that respond to consumers’ cravings for a delicious cheesy experience. Cheese is an authentic comfort food, revered as a savory, nutritious item enjoyed as a snack or a flavorful critical component of unlimited popular dishes.

ChickP’s cream cheese formulation combines the isolate with simple ingredients like water, coconut oil, and starch. Its tangy cheese-like flavor is obtained via fermentation with lactic bacteria, just like the traditional milk-based process. Its chickpea-based firm cheese delivers cheddar cheese’s bold, earthy flavor and chewy texture. It is also produced via fermentation to achieve depth of flavor, firmness, and natural probiotic benefits. ChickP is also developing analogs of famous cheeses, such as emmental, parmesan, and mozzarella.

The demand for plant-based cheese is growing exponentially and is expected to attain a market value of USD 7 billion by the end of 2030. “Flexitarians dominate the consumer market for dairy alternatives,” states Liat Lachish Levy, CEO of ChickP. “They are eager to eat vegan alternatives as long as those alternatives can level up to real dairy’s sensory and nutritional attributes.” The company is developing analogs of other famous cheeses, such as emmental, parmesan, and mozzarella. In addition, ChickP is cooperating with global alternative dairy producers and traditional dairy manufacturers, helping them tailor signature cheese products by providing them with raw materials, recipes, and technical expertise.

“We insisted on applying only traditional processes for our winning cheese analogs,” explains Maor Dahan, application manager for ChickP. “Our formulas contain no stabilizers or gums. We explored a range of cultures to find the strains that work best with our formula. On top of that, the synergy between the chickpea isolates and starch helped create a rich, smooth, creamy textured spread on par with real dairy cream cheese and awards hearty complete protein fulfillment.”

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