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FundCanna Lands Finance Partnership With gGRO Horticulture


FundCanna, the leading provider of capital to small to medium-sized businesses in the cannabis sector, has entered into an exclusive finance partnership with gGRO Horticulture, a technology company focused on providing innovative lighting systems to cultivators for growing high-quality cannabis. This partnership aims to provide financing to eligible buyers of gGRO’s lighting products, with approvals within 24 hours. Many cannabis companies desire to upgrade their systems with gGRO’s patented technology but cannot due to a lack of upfront capital. With this partnership, FundCanna and gGRO will become long-term partners to these companies to improve their yields, become more efficient, and ultimately improve their business.

The partnership between FundCanna and gGRO will bring gGRO’s top-level lighting products to cannabis companies in a more accessible way than ever before. gGRO’s patented technology significantly increases yield while providing energy savings over traditional lighting setups. In addition, with FundCanna being a leading provider of cannabis financing for cultivation companies, over 20% of FundCanna’s clients are in the cultivation vertical. By combining gGRO’s innovative lighting systems and FundCanna’s financing solutions, cultivators nationwide can significantly improve their daily operations, yield, and produce the highest quality cannabis.


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