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Climate Change & Food Production: Bezos Earth Fund Announced $34.5M In Grants

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The Bezos Earth Fund announced $34.5 million in grants to support transformative work to improve greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and disclosure and advance food system transformation. Companies need reliable information about their GHG emissions and those within their supply chain to set ambitious climate targets and reduce emissions. The Earth Fund supports this effort with $19.1 million in new grants to CDP and the GHG Protocol. In addition, CDP, recognized as the primary global mechanism for environmental disclosure, receives $9.9 million to update its disclosure framework and technical systems.

Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has received $9.9 million in support of a project to develop low-cost virtual livestock fencing that would benefit farmers and animals, improve public health in developing countries, and combat climate change. Virtual fencing involves equipping animals with wearable, GPS-enabled devices that discourage animals from leaving grazing areas designated by animal managers. By facilitating. The introduction of rotation in cattle ranches across the globe, this technology can take pressure off forests and bring about significant potential benefits to climate and nature by lowering emissions. Moreover, in partnership with the Good Food Institute, a $5.5 million grant supports research to catalyze the development of alternative proteins.


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