AgTech company Constellr and Exolaunch ink partnership
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ConstelIr & Exolaunch Ink Multi-Launch Agreement

ConstelIr and Exolaunch have recently announced a multi-launch agreement for the HiVE microsat constellation. ConstelIr is a German NewSpace company specializing in space-based measurement for the agricultural sector, while Exolaunch is a global provider of launch, deployment, and in-space logistics services. The HiVE constellation is designed to warn AgTech companies about plant stress from temperature-induced evapotranspiration, helping farmers and the AgTech industry maximize crop output and minimize water waste.

The first two operational and commercial satellites of the HiVE constellation are set to launch in 2024, with both microsats featuring state-of-the-art cryocooled long-wave infrared (LWIR) instruments capable of mapping Earth’s land surface temperature with unprecedented precision. This data will enable farmers and the AgTech industry to achieve “more crop per drop” by providing early warning of plant stress due to temperature-induced evapotranspiration.

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Exolaunch’s innovative separation system CarboNIX, which has flown on 11 missions and launched 49 microsats, will ensure low-shock separation and smooth orbit injection for both of constelIr’s microsats. This will ensure that the microsats are delivered to their intended orbit safely and reliably.

With this partnership, counselors and Exolaunch are well-positioned to advance the state-of-the-art in space-based agricultural measurement and monitoring. By leveraging the latest in microsat and launch technology, they will enable farmers and AgTech companies to optimize crop yields while minimizing the use of valuable resources such as water. This will be critical in the years ahead as the global population continues to grow and food demand rises, increasing pressure on agricultural resources.


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