Daesung SmartHive Unveils Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Beekeeping Products
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Daesung SmartHive Unveils Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Beekeeping Products

Daesung SmartHive, a K-Smart Agriculture&Farm Company subsidiary, has introduced innovative new products to enhance beekeeping practices. The company’s product line includes the Plasma Ozone Storage, Wasp Trap, and Hive Controller, each offering unique benefits and applications for beekeepers.

The Plasma Ozone Storage is an environmentally-friendly solution providing sterilization, disinfection, and odor removal. Its design targets bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances by trapping pollutants inside the storage unit. This technology has shown significant potential for livestock farmers in maintaining the health and safety of their livestock. 

To validate the product’s effectiveness, the Plasma Ozone Storage and Wasp Trap have been trialed on various beekeeping farms across Korea, including Jeollabuk-do, Gyeongbuk-do, and Gangwon-do. 

The Wasp Trap, another eco-friendly innovation, captures wasps without using different attractants like fermented liquid. Instead, the trap is positioned at the hive entrance and capitalizes on the wasps’ behavior of following bees. Wasps are lured into the trapping frame, while bees can safely enter the hive via the bee passage. This technology eliminates manual wasp removal, reducing labor costs and reliance on other pest control products.

The Hive Controller, a portable intelligent beekeeping system, is another product developed by Daesung SmartHive. It allows for safely extracting honeycombs from beehives, brushing off bees, and stacking honeycombs outside beehives in about one minute. Weighing only 9 kilograms and corrosion-resistant, the Hive Controller can be used by a novice alone, streamlining the honey extraction process. It is compatible with any beehives of the same width, regardless of their size. Both an adapter and an optional battery pack can power the device. The Hive Controller has been shown to cut working time by 50% compared to existing products, enabling beekeepers to extract honey single-handedly.

Founded in 2016, Daesung SmartHive has been recognized for its innovative products and technology at various events, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Korea and the United States. The company’s new range of products continues to showcase its commitment to developing sustainable and efficient tools for beekeeping.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash 

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