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ZwitterCo and Mott Corporation Announce Exclusive Partnership

ZwitterCo and Mott Corporation Announce Exclusive Partnership

ZwitterCo, a leading developer of membranes for treating complex wastewater, announced an exclusive, multi-year partnership with Mott Corporation, a global leader in filtration and flow control solutions. The partnership aims to deliver wastewater solutions for manure and food-waste digesters, breweries, and distilleries across North America. 

The announcement follows Mott’s recent acquisition of Digested Organics, ZwitterCo’s North American channel partner since 2021. 

ZwitterCo has significantly improved membrane technology, a sector historically struggling with rapid and irreversible clogging when filtering complex waste streams. While conventional membranes often require frequent cleaning and replacement when dealing with even low levels of fats, oils, and other organic compounds, ZwitterCo’s super filtration membranes can quickly regenerate performance after processing saturated organic streams.

These innovative super filtration membranes allow industries such as agriculture, food, landfills, and bioprocessing to efficiently extract difficult-to-treat compounds from their wastewater. This, in turn, makes it more cost-effective to reuse the water and recover nutrients and other valuable products. 

Alex Rappaport, CEO of ZwitterCo, stated, “Anaerobic digesters are an important technology in combatting climate change, as they generate renewable natural gas and organic fertilizers from food and agricultural wastes. However, the wastewater from digesters, known as digestate, can be costly to dispose of and challenging to treat. We are excited to partner with the team at Mott, which brings terrific expertise in delivering complex, customized solutions into highly technical industries.”

With the acquisition of Digested Organics, Mott is expanding its business by incorporating broader water and agricultural solutions into its clean energy portfolio. The company has a track record of over 60 years in providing best-in-class engineering and technical services to mission-critical industries such as aerospace, semiconductors, and healthcare.

Commenting on the partnership, a representative from Mott Corporation stated, “We have found ZwitterCo’s membranes to offer a significant improvement relative to existing polymeric options on the market today.” 

With this partnership, ZwitterCo and Mott Corporation aim to change complex wastewater treatment and contribute to more sustainable practices across several industries.

Image provided by ZwitterCo

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