Solectrac's eUT+ joins California's CORE Voucher Program, driving sustainable agriculture with zero-emission off-road equipment incentives.
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Electrifying California Agriculture with Solectrac

Solectrac, an electric tractor manufacturer, is excited to announce the eligibility of its narrow zero-emission vineyard and orchard tractor, the eUT+, for the California CORE Voucher Program. This program is designed to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission off-road equipment by providing financial incentives to small businesses and government entities. Solectrac’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and reducing carbon emissions aligns perfectly with the CORE program’s objectives, making it a significant milestone for the company and the state of California.

The California CORE Voucher Program offers a unique opportunity for small businesses and government entities to embrace sustainable practices by transitioning to zero-emission off-road equipment. The program provides vouchers at the point of sale, covering up to 50% of the initial purchase cost for eligible zero-emission equipment. By doing so, the CORE program aims to make electric equipment competitive in price with their diesel-fueled counterparts, encouraging faster and more widespread adoption of green technology.

Mani Iyer, CEO of Solectrac, expressed appreciation for the state’s commitment to incentivizing zero-emission machinery through the CORE program. He emphasized that such government initiatives are crucial in promoting the growth of companies like Solectrac, which are dedicated to providing eco-friendly alternatives to fossil-fuel-powered machinery. The voucher program will not only expand their customer base but also drive the development of more innovative and sustainable product offerings.

At the heart of Solectrac’s excitement lies the eUT+, a revolutionary narrow zero-emission tractor specifically designed for vineyards and orchards. This powerful 4WD electric tractor falls into the conventional 80-90 HP tractor category, but its instant torque and high peak power capabilities set it apart from its diesel counterparts. It can maneuver with ease between narrow rows in vineyards and orchards while performing all the tasks of a traditional tractor.

What makes the eUT+ truly exceptional is its zero-emission operation, which eliminates noise and pollution while offering a lower total cost of ownership. With the approval of a $28,000 CORE voucher for the eUT+, its affordability is now on par with diesel tractors. This means that customers can benefit from an equally sized diesel tractor without the environmental and human health costs associated with fossil fuel combustion.

Solectrac’s commitment to sustainable agriculture extends beyond the eUT+. Their compact 4WD electric tractors, the e25G and e25H, are also eligible for the CORE voucher program. These versatile machines cater to various applications, making them ideal solutions for hobby farms, golf courses, sports fields, equestrian centers, educational institutions, and municipalities seeking to comply with California’s climate regulations.

Solectrac assembles its tractors in Windsor, California, at one of the largest dedicated electric tractor assembly facilities in the United States. With an annual assembly capacity of 6,000 units per year, the facility not only supports local green jobs but also contributes to the growth of the electric tractor industry. Furthermore, Solectrac is pioneering electric tractor accessibility through its national USA-certified dealership network. Presently, the company has 40 dealers with 86 locations across the country, with eight of them based in California. Solectrac’s innovative approach also involves partnering with dealerships to offer an electric tractor rental program, allowing customers to experience the benefits of electric tractors every month.

Solectrac’s eUT+ gaining eligibility for the California CORE Voucher Program marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing carbon emissions in the state. With financial incentives encouraging the adoption of zero-emission off-road equipment, businesses, and government entities have a golden opportunity to embrace green technology and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. Solectrac’s commitment to providing zero-emission tractors and expanding its product offerings demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future for agriculture. As the company continues to innovate and grow, its partnership with the California CORE Voucher Program will undoubtedly play a crucial role in driving sustainable practices across the agricultural sector.

Image provided by Solectrac

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