Embratel Launches Smart Farm Solutions to Digitize Brazilian Agribusiness

Embratel Launches Smart Farm Solutions to Digitize Brazilian Agribusiness

Key Takeaways

  • Embratel collaborates with Farmers Edge to launch the Smart Farm solutions platform.
  • The platform aims to boost the adoption of digital tools and connectivity in agribusiness.
  • Smart Farm offers four modules: Smart Imagery, Smart Insite, Smart, and Smart VR, each with unique functionalities.
  • The platform includes AI and Machine Learning for data processing, high-resolution satellite imagery, and weather stations.
  • The initiative aims to enhance quality, productivity, and sustainability in Brazilian agriculture.

Bridging the Digital Gap in Agriculture

Embratel, in collaboration with Farmers Edge, a company specializing in digital agricultural solutions, has announced the launch of its Smart Farm solutions platform. The platform aims to accelerate the adoption of digital tools and connectivity in agribusiness, creating a more sustainable and connected ecosystem for strategic decision-making in the field.

Comprehensive Digital Solutions

The Smart Farm platform offers various services, including high-resolution satellite imagery, weather stations, telemetry, soil sampling, and data processing using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. It also provides a data management application and customized training for farmers. “We are very happy to offer innovative solutions to this segment that is so important for Brazil,” says Adriano Rosa, Executive Director of Embratel.

Four Modules for Diverse Needs

The platform is available with four distinct modules:

  • Smart Imagery: Provides high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery and unique maps for automatically detecting pests, diseases, and other issues.
  • Smart Insite: Focuses on crop monitoring and digital agriculture with an emphasis on climate, enabling predictive analysis and modeling.
  • Smart: Combines the functionalities of Smart Imagery and Smart Insite, adding telemetry to monitor equipment in real time.
  • Smart VR: Adds agronomic consultancy for soil sampling and analysis, enabling the optimization of inputs, fertilizers, and correctives.

Real-Time Management and IoT

All modules come with a management application that presents real-time indicators collected by the tools. The platform also includes Internet of Things (IoT) devices for comprehensive measurement, including soil and water quantity. “Our customers can benefit from a complete offer to transform their agricultural business,” says Eduardo Polidoro, Director of IoT at Claro.

A Strategic Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Farmers Edge and Embratel aim to modernize Brazilian agriculture through this strategic alliance. “Together, we are working towards a more sustainable and digitally connected future for agriculture in Brazil,” says Vibhore Arora, CEO of Farmers Edge.


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