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Expanding Market Access for Seed-Applied Technologies

Precision Laboratories and Direct Enterprises join forces to expand market access for seed-applied technologies.

Precision Laboratories, LLC. and Direct Enterprises, Inc. (DEI) have recently joined forces through a distribution agreement. This strategic collaboration aims to expand market access for seed-applied technologies developed by Precision Laboratories.

As part of the agreement, DEI will become the exclusive distributor of Precision Laboratories’ proprietary seed enhancement and seed treatment products in states located east of the Rocky Mountains. This partnership is expected to bring significant benefits to both companies and their customers.

Terry Culp, the President of Precision Laboratories, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to have DEI’s professional sales team working to ensure more customers have access to our technology and unique product set.” Culp also highlighted the perfect timing of this agreement, as Precision Laboratories’ new facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has the increased industrial capacity required to meet the growing market demand.

Precision Laboratories’ seed enhancement and seed treatment technologies encompass a wide range of innovative chemistries, including water management solutions, nano-particle nutrient products, seed coating polymers, and seed colorants. Many of these technologies are formulated in combinations for the convenience of customers. Culp emphasized that the partnership with DEI will enable faster and more efficient market penetration for Precision Laboratories’ seed product portfolio. Leveraging DEI’s established distribution network and proven track record in delivering next-generation innovations to growers and channel partners, Precision Laboratories can reach a broader customer base.

With 27 years of success in responding to grower demands with agronomic solutions, DEI has earned a well-respected reputation within the seed industry. The company has consistently provided products that compete with market-leading brands in terms of performance and economic value. Dennis Tauchen, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-owner of Direct Enterprises believes that the distribution agreement is a natural progression for both organizations, building upon their long-standing relationship. Tauchen stated, “We’re excited to build upon the relationship, which is an important next step for DEI as we expand our seed treatment portfolio with more unique and innovative product offerings.”

Bill Haubner, the President and Co-owner of Direct Enterprises views Precision Laboratories’ product line as a synergistic addition to DEI’s seed treatment portfolio. Haubner stated, “Our objective is to provide seed treatment offerings driven by innovation, performance, and value. We believe Precision Laboratories helps us deliver on that strategy.”

DEI plans to launch several new seed treatment products, including Precision Laboratories’ Zanocella™. Zanocella™ is a nano-particle zinc seed treatment formulated for ready-to-use application, offering improved handling and stability compared to conventional zinc seed treatments. This upcoming addition to DEI’s product lineup demonstrates its commitment to continuous innovation and meeting the evolving needs of growers.

The collaboration between Precision Laboratories and Direct Enterprises signifies a shared commitment to advancing the agricultural industry through cutting-edge seed treatment technologies. With their combined expertise and resources, both companies will make a significant impact in the market, offering growers access to innovative solutions that drive productivity, profitability, and sustainable farming practices.

Image provided by Delphine Hourlay

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