Non-GMO Project to Host Seminar on Regenerative, Organic Dairy as Alternative to Synthetic Products

Non-GMO Project to Host Seminar on Regenerative, Organic Dairy as Alternative to Synthetic Products

As more synthetic, non-animal dairy products become grocery shelves, consumer research suggests that most shoppers seek non-GMO milk and yogurt alternatives. A desire for informed choices, animal welfare considerations, and nutrient-rich dairy options fuels this shift in preference. However, despite the growth in sales of non-GMO and grass-fed options, many consumers express skepticism about the safety, healthiness, and nutritional value of lab-grown food compared to traditional farm-produced food.

To address these concerns and explore alternatives, the Non-GMO Project will host a live seminar on June 7, 2023, at 12 p.m.noon PST. Open to the public; the seminar will focus on regenerative, organic, non-GMO dairy as a better solution than precision fermentation in addressing climate change, animal welfare, and nutrient density.

Panelists for the seminar will include three leaders in the field of regenerative dairy farming:

– Albert Straus, founder, and CEO of Straus Family Creamery
– Adrian Bota, co-founder and CEO at ORIGIN Milk
– Lynette Maan, Director of Marketing and Communications at Lewis Road Creamery

As part of the seminar, the panelists will discuss current trends in natural dairy and provide insights into synthetic GMO dairy and how to identify it in the marketplace. The seminar will conclude with a live Q&A session.

“Today, genetic engineering is not just about a few agrochemical giants manipulating a handful of commodity crops,” said Megan Westgate, executive director at the Non-GMO Project. “It’s also about engineering animals, gene-edited crops, and novel ingredients brewed in warehouse vats. Unfortunately, these ingredients are flying under the radar of the natural products industry and are even being marketed erroneously as non-GMO. For consumers and retailers alike, this is confusing and concerning.”

The panel will also explore how industrial farming techniques impact the nutrient density of foods and how regenerative agriculture can address this issue by restoring soil health, reducing dependency on fertilizers and pesticides, and creating holistic solutions that benefit people, animals, and the environment.

Adrian Bota, co-founder and CEO at ORIGIN Milk, commented, “We’ve created a new paradigm in dairy that puts sustainability, human health, and the environment at the core of nutrition.” Echoing this sentiment, Lynette Maan from Lewis Road Creamery added, “Regenerative farming is at the heart of what we do. We work with nature in beautiful and fertile corners of New Zealand, where our farms adhere to a suite of best-in-class practices.”

The seminar promises to provide valuable insights into the future of dairy production and the importance of making informed choices in the dairy aisle. Those interested in attending can register for free through the Non-GMO Project’s website.

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