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Folium Capital Launches Regenerative Natural Resources Fund

Private equity investor Folium Capital has announced the launch of its Regenerative Natural Resources Fund, Folium Fund III LP.

Private equity investor Folium Capital has announced the launch of its Regenerative Natural Resources Fund, Folium Fund III LP. The fund will focus on agriculture and forestry, emphasizing sustainability and mitigating climate change. The fund aims to generate attractive returns for investors while maximizing the potential of land use across asset classes. Folium Fund III LP marks the first time Folium Capital has combined agriculture, forests, and carbon optionality into a single investment vehicle. The fund seeks to raise $500m in capital from accredited investors and or qualified purchasers, with an investment period of four years and a term of twelve years.

Folium Capital’s focus on forestry is influenced by the changing world’s dual demands on forests. The fund’s strategy includes atmospheric carbon sequestration and increased wood production for traditional uses and newer technologies. The fund’s agriculture strategy focuses on developing new orchards and vineyards, reflecting the growing global demand for healthy, nutritious plant foods.

Folium Capital’s current portfolio of sustainably managed forestry and agriculture assets is diversified across Australia, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Portugal, Spain, the United States, and Uruguay. The firm specializes in skillful risk management with an opportunistic mindset to generate real returns in low-correlation assets spread across diverse geographies.

Folium Capital is committed to sustainability and ESG tracking, ensuring that its investments are also driving positive outcomes for local communities and the planet. The firm’s bedrock commitment to sustainability and ESG tracking is essential to achieving quality returns for its investors.

The launch of Folium Fund III LP is a timely response to the increasing demand for sustainable investment opportunities. more investors are seeking investments that align with their values and beliefs, and the fund provides an attractive opportunity for them to achieve their goals while generating positive returns.

The launch of Folium Fund III LP reflects Folium Capital’s long-term commitment to sustainability and its investment expertise in agriculture and forestry. The fund’s focus on sustainability and mitigating climate change aligns with investors’ growing demand for sustainable investment opportunities. As the world continues to pursue a more sustainable and healthier future, the fund’s investments in forestry and agriculture will provide stable, long-term value.

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