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French AgTech Company, Chouette Banks a Series A To Further Its Development

Chouette is leading the way in vineyard health management solutions in France. The company recently completed a Series A funding round of 5 million euros to support its growth, expand its solutions in France and Europe, and continue to develop innovative services for grape growers. Led by Demeter, and that saw participation from Banque des Territoires and Kubota.

The French AgTech company’s solution is based on AI and provides precision viticulture surveillance to optimize decision-making for grape growers. The solution analyzes images taken by drones or sensors on tractors, allowing for early detection of disease symptoms, vine vigor tracking, and creating dose modulation maps for optimized treatments. This helps grape growers make objective and effective decisions on crop protection and achieve agronomic optimum.

“Having major players like Demeter, Banque des Territoires, and Kubota share our vision and support our ambitions will allow us to become a global leader in our field. In addition, this funding round will accelerate the commercial deployment of our solution to promote more sustainable agricultural practices,” says Charles Nespoulous, Chouette CEO and co-founder.

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Chouette is the digital eye of the farmer, providing real-time information on the status of each vine in the vineyard. This is becoming increasingly important as European vineyards face growing pressures for more sustainable wine production. The investment from major players such as Demeter, Banque des Territoires, and Kubota demonstrates their support for Chouette’s vision and ambitions to become a global leader in the field.

“Chouette has quickly convinced grape growers of the usefulness of its technology, gaining their trust through easy access to the data analyzed by AI, which can be easily verified on the ground. As an operator of the French state within France 2030, Banque des Territoires aims to contribute to the transformation of French territories and support the transition of agriculture. Moreover, wine is a key element of the French economy and culture. Therefore, we believe that the service offered by Chouette not only provides immediate benefits to grape growers and contributes to long-term changes by offering an easy-to-use test-check-learn solution,” says Gabriel Giabicani, Director of Innovation and Operations at Banque des Territoires’ Investment Direction.

The funding round will accelerate the commercial deployment of the solution and promote more sustainable agricultural practices. With its innovative approach to vineyard health management, the French AgTech company is well-positioned to help vineyards face the challenges of sustainable production. By providing real-time, detailed information on vine health, vineyards can make informed decisions that protect their crops and the environment.

Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash 

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