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VinaCapital Ventures invests in Vietnamese AgriTech start-up Koina

VinaCapital Ventures invests in AgriTech start-up Koina

The agriculture industry has faced several challenges recently, including declining productivity and rising costs. However, a new start-up named Koina aims to tackle these issues head-on by building an agricultural ecosystem in Vietnam that connects farmers, financial organizations, suppliers, and retailers. VinaCapital Ventures, a leading investment firm, has recently invested USD 1 million in Koina as part of their seed fundraising round, signaling their confidence in the start-up’s potential.

Koina’s primary focus is to create a platform that supports farmers in their day-to-day operations. The “Farmer Platform” is designed to help farmers access loans, publicize prices, and receive guidance on good agricultural practices. This platform helps farmers increase their income and ensures they can sustainably maintain their crops and livestock.

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The funding from VinaCapital Ventures will allow Koina to expand its sales channels and increase investment in technology. This will help the start-up reach a wider audience of farmers, making it easier for them to access the necessary resources and support. In addition, the investment will also help Koina improve its platform by incorporating more advanced technologies, such as data analysis and logistics, to minimize waste and increase farmers’ productivity.

Trung Hoang, the Director of VinaCapital Ventures, sees agriculture as the backbone of the Vietnamese economy and believes that this investment will help improve the supply chain and quality of life for farmers in the country. “We are confident that Koina’s innovative approach to tackling the challenges facing the agriculture industry will lead to significant improvements for farmers in Vietnam,” he said. “By providing them with the support they need to succeed, we hope to create a more sustainable and profitable agricultural sector in the country.”

Koina’s mission to develop sustainable agriculture and create more value for farmers is a step towards a brighter future for the agricultural industry in Vietnam. With the support of VinaCapital Ventures, the start-up has the resources and expertise to make a real difference in the lives of farmers in the country. By connecting farmers with the help and support they need, Koina aims to create a more sustainable and profitable agricultural sector in Vietnam.

Photo by Doan Tuan on Unsplash 

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