Groundbreaking technology is revolutionizing grassland farming by harnessing artificial intelligence and satellite data.
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Revolutionizing Grassland Farming With AI and Satellites

Aspia Space and Origin Digital have jointly announced a groundbreaking technology that promises to revolutionize grassland farming by enabling farmers to remotely measure the height of their grass from space. This cutting-edge tool, developed by Aspia Space, combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and Earth observation satellite data to provide accurate measurements of grass height. The technology offers invaluable insights for enhancing farm productivity, optimizing grassland management practices, and promoting sustainable farming methods.

Traditional methods of measuring grass height have been labor-intensive and time-consuming, often requiring manual efforts and extensive fieldwork. However, Aspia Space’s new AI-based solution uses Earth observation satellite imaging to remotely measure pasture height, eliminating the need for manual measurement and providing accurate data in a fraction of the time. In collaboration with Origin Digital’s expertise, this technology opens doors to innovative ways of increasing productivity and profitability in grassland farming and land management.

Aspia Space’s co-founder and Director of AI, Dr. Mike Smith, explained that their patented ClearSky technology plays a crucial role in providing cloud-free imagery of the ground, making satellite data more reliable for agricultural applications. With this solution, the technology estimates grass height with an astonishing accuracy of just 1.5cm from a vantage point nearly 700 kilometers up in space. This level of precision allows farmers to monitor their grasslands with exceptional detail and track changes in grass height over time.

The first launch of this technology will take place in Ireland later this year in partnership with Origin Digital’s ‘GrassMax’ service. The aim is to enable Irish farmers to leverage the power of this remote measurement technology, significantly reducing manual labor and measurement costs. Aspia Space and Origin Digital also have plans to expand this innovative solution to farmers in other countries and climates worldwide. Additionally, the companies intend to develop more products that leverage satellite data insights to promote sustainable and profitable farming practices globally.

Kieran Holden, Grassland Digital Specialist at Origin Enterprises and a farmer based in Ireland, expressed his excitement about the new technology, stating that it will save farmers around two hours per week, resulting in €1,600 per year in measurement costs alone. The technology, integrated into Origin Digital’s GrassMax app, allows farmers to optimize grass utilization on their farms, a crucial factor in determining net profit per hectare on dairy farms. In Ireland, a mere increase of one ton of grass utilized per hectare can translate to a €256 increase in profit. Thus, this technology has the potential to significantly boost farm profitability and productivity.

Duncan Robertson, Head of R&D at Origin Digital, emphasized that this technology is a game-changer for grassland farmers and their partners. By remotely and automatically calculating the quantity of grass in fields and paddocks, farmers can make well-informed decisions regarding grazing schedules, animal nutrition, and silage cuts. The result is less waste and a more stable and sustainable food supply.

The new technology builds on Aspia Space’s previously launched ClearSky service, which uses AI and satellite data to provide clients with cloud-free imagery of the ground. The collaboration with Origin Digital, and the subsequent integration of this new tool into the GrassMax service, brings breakthrough insights for grassland farming, empowering farmers to optimize their practices, improve efficiency, and meet growing demand sustainably. Apart from enhancing grassland farming, this technology also has potential applications in verifying sustainability practices in the livestock supply chain and benefiting local councils by monitoring grass length and cutting in parks, verges, and amenity areas.

Aspia Space, founded in 2021 and based in Cornwall, UK, is an innovative company specializing in Earth observation data analysis. Leveraging cutting-edge deep learning techniques, Aspia Space is committed to unlocking value from remote sensing data, enabling better decision-making, and driving improvements in efficiency, productivity, and sustainability for its customers. 

Origin Digital, part of Origin Enterprises Group, offers advanced agronomy decision-support software and remote field performance insights for agribusinesses partnering with farmers as customers or suppliers. Their solutions aim to strengthen relationships and increase profitability for agribusinesses and farmers.

The collaboration between Aspia Space and Origin Digital marks a significant step forward in the realm of grassland farming. By harnessing AI and satellite data, this technology empowers farmers to remotely monitor their grasslands’ health and optimize their practices, leading to a more sustainable and profitable future for the agricultural sector. With plans for global expansion, this innovative solution is set to transform grassland farming practices worldwide.

Image provided by Aspia Space

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