Grobrix For Home: Vertical Farming At Home
Vertical Farming

Grobrix For Home: Vertical Farming At Home

As the global population pivots towards sustainable living, Grobrix for Home introduces a groundbreaking solution for urban communities, offering an all-inclusive membership to transform any wall into an edible garden. The innovative system promises users a therapeutic gardening experience without the usual fuss or dirt.

The unique approach by Grobrix for Home turns any space into a functional farm, allowing consumers to cultivate a diverse range of herbs and greens all year. The holistic membership package comes replete with seedlings, essential plant nutrients, a robust replacement policy for faulty components, a sustainable plastic collection and reuse program, and exclusive access to a team of urban farming experts for guidance. With zero hidden costs, this initiative endeavors to make urban farming accessible, successful, and enjoyable.

Mathew Howe, Founder at Grobrix, emphasized the profound connection between humans and food. “Growing food has always been a binding thread in our relationships, bringing families together. At Grobrix, our mission is to rejuvenate that connection – to food and our loved ones. We envision a world where everyone can experience the joy of farming, even if it’s just for an hour a week.”

Amid concerns about the nutritional value of store-bought produce, with losses up to 50% due to transit, Grobrix for Home offers a timely solution, especially for regions like Singapore. In a country where a whopping 90% of nutritional needs are imported, leafy greens travel an average of 2000km before reaching consumers. Grobrix for Home shortens this journey significantly, ensuring freshness, quality, and maximum nutritional content.

Furthermore, the initiative encourages a self-sufficient and mindful approach to food consumption, promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. For culinary enthusiasts, Grobrix for Home is an avenue to explore various herbs, flowers, and vegetables. This elevates the gastronomic experience and instills a sense of pride in growing and incorporating home-grown produce in daily meals.

Technical aspects of the Grobrix Farm Wall make it a seamless addition to any household. Measuring H200 x W65 x D45 cm requires only two standard 13 Amp power outlets, with timers optimizing plant growth through controlled irrigation and lighting. With a monthly energy cost under 10 SGD, it’s both environmentally friendly and economical.

Key Features of Grobrix for Home:

  • A pioneering modular edible green wall accommodating up to 20 plants.
  • A design that facilitates effortless cleaning and maintenance, a distinctive edge over other products available in Singapore.
  • A three-week growth advantage with the provision of seedlings instead of seeds.
  • Access to over 40 varieties of non-GMO produce, some not readily available at local supermarkets.
  • We have dedicated human support for any queries related to plant growth.
  • A sustainable approach with the collection, reuse, and repurposing of all plastic components and farm walls.

With Grobrix for Home, urban communities are equipped to cultivate their produce and empowered to embark on a sustainable and self-reliant journey towards healthier living.

Image provided by Grobrix

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