HELM AG and CropX Collaborate to Enhance Precision Farming with SKYFLD App
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HELM AG and CropX Collaborate to Enhance Precision Farming with SKYFLD App

HELM AG, a leading global crop protection company, and CropX Technologies, one of the fastest-growing agtech startups, have announced a significant advancement in their strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to enhance precision farming by integrating CropX’s data and agronomic insights into HELM AG’s SKYFLD app.

The SKYFLD app, HELM AG’s independent precision farming platform, focuses on crop planning, monitoring, and management. With the integration of CropX’s data, SKYFLD users can now access valuable information collected from various sources around the farm. This includes predictive data from CropX soil sensors related to soil moisture, disease pressure, salinity, and leaching.

Tomer Tzach, CropX CEO, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it enhances the company’s external API functionality to meet the rising demand from agribusiness enterprise clients. Stephan Poppe-Kirchmann, HELM AG’s Director of Digital Agriculture, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the collaboration combines HELM AG’s deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge agronomic insights, providing a powerful platform for customers.

Integrating CropX’s data into the SKYFLD app represents a significant step forward in supporting farmers in making data-driven decisions for their operations. It is expected to help optimize irrigation practices, enhance crop yields, and improve resource efficiency.

HELM AG, based in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the world’s largest chemicals marketing companies with over 120 years in the industry. CropX Technologies is a leading provider of agribusiness farm management solutions, deployed in over 60 countries across all arable continents.

The integration of CropX’s data and agronomic analytics into the SKYFLD app is now available, marking a significant milestone in advancing precision farming.

Image provided by CropX

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