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IngredientWerks Secures Seed Funding To Develop Alt-Protein Product

IngredientWerks, a company specializing in alternative protein sources, has secured its seed round of funding. The company’s unique molecular farming method uses plants as “manufactories” to produce high-value, bioidentical animal proteins for the alternative protein market. Compared to traditional fermentation production methods, IngredientWerks’ protein production system operates at a low cost and has a lower carbon footprint.

Matt Plavan, the CEO of IngredientWerks, expressed his excitement and gratitude in welcoming the company’s founding investors, Open Prairie, and ARCH Venture Partners. With the successful closure of this round of funding, IngredientWerks is now well-equipped to progress to the next level of developing a pipeline of plant-based, bioidentical animal proteins for the alternative protein food market, which is valued at billions of dollars. The company’s objective is to solve one of the most significant challenges facing the mainstream adoption of alternative proteins – making them affordable with the same taste and nutritional value as animal-based proteins.


IngredientWerks aims to offer protein sources that provide parity in taste, nutrition, and cost between traditional animal-based protein sources and alternative plant-based options. The company’s protein production approach has attracted respected investors’ attention, including Open Prairie and ARCH Venture Partners.

“IngredientWerks is pioneering Molecular Farming to transform major crops like corn to produce heme proteins such as myoglobin and dairy proteins like casein that are the molecular equivalent to those found in animal meat and dairy,” said Jim Schultz, Founder and Managing Partner of Open Prairie. “Moreover, the IngredientWerks’ protein production system operates at a cost and carbon footprint well below that of fermentation production, which is capital intensive, operationally complex, and for which minimal capacity exists today capable of processing alternative proteins.”

The success of IngredientWerks in securing funding highlights the potential of their innovative protein production system. With a focus on sustainability and affordability, IngredientWerks may play a vital role in bridging the gap between niche and mainstream adoption of alternative protein foods.

Photo by Tomasz Filipek on Unsplash 


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