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Leafy Green Farms Nominated To Board of Farmer Veteran Coalition of Kansas

Kansas Veteran

Brad Fourby, the founder of Leafy Green Farms, has been nominated to the Board of Directors for the Farmer Veteran Coalition of Kansas. The Farmer Veteran Coalition is a non-profit organization that supports and mobilizes veterans to create sustainable food systems by leveraging their unique skills and character traits. Agriculture is an industry that offers numerous benefits to veterans, including purpose, opportunity, and physical and psychological well-being. The Farmer Veteran Coalition of Kansas aims to help veteran farmers grow as small business owners and community members by providing them with resources and support.

As a veteran farmer and small business owner, Brad Fourby is an ideal candidate for the Board of Directors. He has been a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition since he began farming in Kansas and is passionate about supporting other veteran farmers. Brad is excited to make new connections and help other veterans as part of the organization. As a result, the Farmer Veteran Coalition has seen a significant increase in veterans reaching out to them for support, with over 300 contacts per month at the national level.


Brad is committed to the Farmer Veteran Coalition’s mission to support veteran farmers and promote sustainable food systems. His experience as a small business owner and the farmer will be valuable to the organization. Brad’s appointment to the Board of Directors highlights the importance of supporting veteran farmers and recognizing veterans’ unique skills and character traits in the agriculture industry.

Photo by Emily Vance on Unsplash 

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