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INRAE & WUR Commit to Contributing to New Cooperation Dynamics


INRAE (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research) and WUR (Wageningen University & Research) have pledged to contribute to the new cooperation dynamics between France and the Netherlands through the Agriculture and Food component of the Pact. The priorities set in place to “guarantee the food transition” align with the strategies and strengths of INRAE and WUR, two organizations highly invested in providing solutions for the transition of agricultural and food systems in our respective countries, in the EU, and beyond. In addition to our scientific activities, we have also made accelerating the transfer of knowledge and concrete innovations developed with key stakeholders such as AgriTech and FoodTech companies a strategic priority.

As leaders in research in Europe in the fields of food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture, and environment, our two institutions are particularly well placed to fuel the pipeline of innovations of AgriTech and FoodTech companies. Since 2014, WUR and INRAE have jointly participated in over 140 European research projects, some specifically focused on robotics, biotechnology (particularly in plant and animal breeding), data, and digitization, such as Data4Food2030 (for a fair, inclusive, and innovative data economy for sustainable food systems) and BIOINDUSTRY 4.0 (research infrastructure services to promote deep digitization of industrial biotechnology towards smart bio-manufacturing), funded under Horizon Europe, and AgROBOfood (supporting the European robotics and agri-food sector oriented towards companies, for the development of a network of digital innovation hubs in robotics), funded under Horizon 2020.

With many years of close and fruitful cooperation, INRAE and WUR are ready to put their expertise and networks at the service of the next stages of the implementation of the Franco-Dutch Pact for innovation and sustainable growth. This partnership is a promising step towards achieving a more sustainable and innovative agricultural and food system for both countries and beyond.

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